Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mr. & Mrs...

Saturday was all about the LOVE! :)

Yep, we went to my cousin's wedding and had so much fun.  Kai's still talking about the "princess", aka bride.

I didn't get pics of breakfast or lunch.  And to be honest these pics are courtesy of my mom because we forgot my camera, my phone and the hub's phone! Breakfast was a cup of Kefir and a pear.  Not much but I wasn't terribly hungry and Kefir is REALLY filling.  Lunch was at Panera Bread where I had the pick two...Black Bean Soup and Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich plus an Apple.

Then it was finally time for the wedding...

Walking up the Aisle


Wedding Wine Ceremony

First Kiss, XOXO
After a BEAUTIFUL outdoor ceremony we headed inside for the reception.  Kai got to sit next to her cousins where we enjoyed fruit kabobs and basil, mozzarella & tomato horderves.  Then we ran around enjoying some early dancing and visiting with my other cousins and their families.

After a traditional starter salad, I had the Vegetarian meal option which was bow-tie pasta with veggies & a cream sauce.
This was a LOT of pasta, I ate probably half of it.
The girls got the "children's" option with the chicken tenders and tator tots.

And the Hubs got the Prime Rib with broccoli (I ate his broccoli and he wound up eating Kai's left overs, lol!)

Of course there was cake for dessert!

After the cake we got down to business...I mean the dancing!

And guess who caught the bouquet!!  Oh yeah, Kai carried that around ALL NIGHT, and has been carrying it around all morning.  She's so ready to be a bride!

Here she is with my cousin.  She was completely star struck and just followed Felicia around the entire night.  When Felicia went outside she'd stand by the door waiting for her to come back in!

When not following the bride, Kai danced.  All. Night. Long.  She was a dancing fool!  At 10 we called it a night, to her protests.  She even wound up in the center of a dance ring at one point.  I'm seriously fearing her teen years!

And apparently I dance with a little attitude! lol!

Finally, for fun they had a photo booth!!

Me and...My dad, the Hubs, Kai & my Mom, My sister, our family

It was a seriously fun night!

Congrats again to Cody & Felicia!!!!

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