My Penguin friends and I are so glad you stopped by.

Who am I? 

My name is Emily and my goal is to get as much nutritious food into my family's diet as I can while keeping the menu quick & simple.  I'm still discovering new ways to incorporate the healthy foods and eliminate the bads - which means little-to-no Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup, processed white sugar, or unpronounceable chemical names.  That's right, I became a... label reader!  And my favorite ingredients have no label at all...fresh fruits & vegetables. 

I have a little girl who actually does like fruits & veggies.  I truly believe that if you approach an apple as a great snack or a bowl of fruit as a wonderful dessert - your kids will too.  Who says you HAVE to have ice cream or cake for it to be considered dessert?  Who says pink-milk has to be made with a powder and not with pureed strawberries, or even beats?  Why can't we make our own rules and develop happy & healthy kids.  And who was it that made "green" a scary color?  Spinach is SUCH a wonderful ingredient to add to anything...smoothies, humus, pancakes....anything.  It's flavor is so mild the only evidence of this nutritious boost is its color.  Seriously, spinach is not just for salads! :)

It's the hubs that I really struggle with.  He likes his meat, potatoes and corn and isn't as "adventurous" in the food department.  Fortunately he loves me and is willing to hesitantly try 1 bite of something new...and is learning not to make the disgusted face in front of me as he's trying it.

Personally I don't each much meat.  I don't find it necessarily to be healthy and have read enough evidence about the benefits of a plant based diet to feel more comfortable just not consuming it.  Plus it's expensive - and I live on a budget.  The hubs on the other hand wants meat in every meal.  Our solution?  I make up our main meal and add the protein at the end...be it meat, beans or quinoa.  Our daughter gets a little of everything and I let her decide what she likes and what she doesn't.   I think it's important to constantly offer healthy options.  A toddler's mood changes so often that deciding she doesn't like something after only one or two offers seems silly.  Of course I do periodically get a little attitude back...Some "mommy, remember I told you I don't like Kale chips."   :)

I also feel I should warn you that I HATE measuring things out.  REALLY  HATE  IT!  Dirtying all those cups.  And the hassle of actually doing it.  But since I'm trying to convey recipes I'm going to try.  For the most part though I cook what I have in the house and adjust to taste.  I'm not big on garlic but a lot of people are.  If you like garlic then put in more garlic...like I said earlier, make your own rules!