Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching Up

Well it's clearly summer, and clearly blogging has falling to the bottom of my to-do list. :(

I actually THINK about posts all the time but sitting down to write them just hasn't happened.  So I'm going to try and be better (I know, I say that a lot).

In addition to going into the office more while the boss was on vacation, here's what we've been up to for the last week+...

Went to the zoo where the first stop was the playground.  Yep, all the way to the zoo to play in a playground...

 We also checked out the new Flights of Fancy Exhibit.

This guy's building a nest.
They're birds.  I've never seen the "ooh-aah" of birds but everyone else seemed to find them fascinating. :)

We also discovered a NEW playground at the zoo!! (BTW, those exclamation marks are sarcastic.  I'd much rather be walking around checking out the animals.  Seriously, we can go to a park for free!)

Before leaving we went to the aquarium to pet sharks and I happened to actually take a photo of a seahorse!
 This one's not so great but he was actually swimming around.  I've never seen them swim before.  Their fins go so fast they're like the hummingbirds of the sea. :)

Of course the new YoguLatte is open so we've been in to visit. :)

Since it was my sister's birthday we honored her by enjoying Cake Batter. :) 

Every. Last. Drop.
 We spent some time at 100 Acres, a park that's part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 

 Where we picnicked...

Under what I like to call the "UFO".

And then we "surfed" on some rocks.

We went to a Neighborhood Garage sale where we happened on some police horses!!

And then spent some time gathering dino eggs at the Children's Museum...

 Gathering & protecting the eggs, I mean...

Digging for Dinos...

Dancing on a stage...

And driving a Lego car...

Then Last night we went to the Celebrity Softball Game for Indiana's Children's Wish Fund at Victory Field.

We saw Rowdie the Indian's Mascot and he even signed the ball for her!

Kai and Daddy watching the game/mascots.

The "celebrities".  The only human one I could pick out from a distance was 55 - Roy Hibbert.  It helps that he's around 100 feet tall. lol!  There were actually a lot of Pacers and Colts on the teams!  And picking out Rowdie, Blue & Boomer was super easy since they're in giant mascot costumes!

At one point Blue, the Colts Mascot came by but we weren't able to draw his attention.  While we LOVE the Colts, Blue has always been a bit of a turd toward our family.  He NAILED the Hubs with a football once and then last night he stopped signing balls just as it was Kai's turn, then turned and did a little butt dance. :(

But ice cream makes EVERYTHING better. :)

As does a bucket of fries!

This may have been the fastest game ever...with a few exceptions every inning was 3-and-out. 

Kai got so hungry she started eating her dress...

And then her hand!!

Not really, we were just goofing around!  No matter what the news is like, we're not resorting to cannibalism yet! 

As for eats, well, I haven't taken many pics at all.  So today I'm re-dedicating myself.  Hopefully I'll have a fresh new post for you tomorrow with lots of yummy pics. :D

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