Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden Help...

Who wants to help me out?  I've got some garden questions.  Actually just one question...

What is that?

That tall thing in the middle.

See?  What is it?

There's a closer shot of it.  

Any ideas?  It started growing before I got to weeding and so I let it continue thinking it may be a lettuce or something but it's gotten very tall.  Does lettuce get tall?  Or is it just a weed?  Any ideas???

Our friend Chris tasted a piece of it and said it "Definitely tastes like lettuce".  Not that I don't take his input to heart but I'd prefer someone with a stronger gardening/veggie background let me know. lol!

And if you're asking who just has random veggies pop up in their garden, I'll answer with this...

That would be a random tomato plant that grew. :)

And a few years ago I had butternut squash come up out of no where!

But this year I have some zucchini that I planted...

And a LOT more tomato plants. I love having lots of tomatoes for salads, soups & drying. :)

 There are also some bell pepper in there.

Oh and there are a handful of flowers too!

So any ideas on the big green guy?  PLEASE help a girl out. :D

1 comment:

  1. The big green guy looks like green leaf lettuce, but I've never seen it get so tall. We grow it in our garden every Spring and Fall, but it stays regular ol' lettuce size.