Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brain Cravers & Carving a watermelon brain

It's been a crazy couple of days, which is why I haven't posted.  Monday I unexpectantly subbed in Kai's class and then today I helped out with their Field Trip to the Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch (the original trip was planned for before Halloween but rain delays pushed us back to today).  On top of that I still have my normal work to do AND I took my very first Spin class at my sister-in-law's invitation.  It was tough during the class but once I finished I felt really good.  And I have to give a big shout out to the lady behind me who saw me sit down to wait for my SIL to arrive and asked if it was my first class.  She said she thought so and then proceeded to show me how to adjust my bike to the right heights.  I love it when complete strangers are nice and helpful!!

Anyway, I'm just now getting around to posting about our Saturday night activities... A trivia night sponsored by our High School Alumni.  Basically you could get a group of 8 together and create a theme for your table, or if you don't have 7 friends willing to have a crazy good time you can just buy a ticket for yourself and join an incomplete table.  We had a group of 8 so we were the... BRAIN CRAVERS!  There were something like 400+ people there so it was a good crowd. :)

You can never have too much brain...

As part of the table's theme I made a watermelon "Brain"....
Cut a small bit off the bottom of a personal sized watermelon so that it sits flat.

Use a veggie peeler to peel all the green off, leaving a white layer.

Use a knife to carve a groove down the center to create 2 lobes.

Then start carving your "Brain Grooves".


Once carved we set it on a nice red cake platter as a center piece.

Complete with crazy knife.  The watermelon itself was terrible - super grainy/sugary, but at least it looked good. :)

We also had BRAINS, aka salsa in a cup wrapped to look like a head.  And behind the blood-drip cup you might see some eye ball suagr cookies, veggies & hummus and a skull of cranberry-pom-vodka....all on a bloody table cloth.  :)

We also had some Red Velvet mini cupcakes in celebration of one of our zombie's birthday, zombie custard pies (custard pie dyed green) and Blood Splatter (pomegranate).

PLUS some munchies and tortilla chips in a Skull plate!

As part of the Trivia Night each table was given 2 pizzas to devour.

You could buy unlimited refill cups for $5 (beer/soda) and if you found the whole getting-up-to-refill-your-cup-thing tiring you could buy an unlimited pitcher that came with a runner for $20.  Our table got a pitcher. :)
This beer had some head!

When we got really hungry we resorted to eating eachother's brains. :)

Or the Flying Cupcake cupcakes we WON!  (top score for one of eight rounds) 

There was quite a bit of fun being had...  Some of us fell in love with the severed head.

Some just rubbed the head for luck.

And some let it whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

At one point there was a 3 way tie for top score for the round so one member of each team hit the stage for a game of Heads/Tails.  Have you ever played?  Basically you stand back to back and pick either your head or your tail then a coin is flipped.  If you pick incorrectly your eliminated.  You continue until there is just one person left. 

First we took out Jesus (he's the guy with his hands on his butt in the middle up there).  Then I took out the last guy.  That's right, I WON!!  It was my first time making it past round one of Heads/Tails.  Don't worry though, the catholic in me felt bad for eliminating Jesus so we shared the prize of cake-pops with the 2 other tables. :)

 At times there were disagreements as to the correct answer.

 Or the stress would proove to be too much! 

As the night wound down we ended in 3rd place.  One of the winners (The Shamrocks) posed with the severed head. 

And we gave them props.

Even though we were sad. :(

There were also awards for best costume (it went to a group of girls dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease) and for best table which went to this one...

I mean come on, sure they had a motorized solar system but WE HAD A BRAIN! lol!

Before leaving for the night we took the Severed Head on a quick tour of the school...

It was a good night, and I'm already planning how we can win best table next year...

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