Monday, November 12, 2012

School Lunch Wrap Up Wk13

Here's last weeks lunch wrap up (I'm running REALLY behind, lol).  Click below to see the previous weeks.

MONDAY:  2 Pot-Pie Cups reheated from the freezer & an orange.
- She ate it all. :)

Also, I subbed on Monday so I took a Salad in a Jar: Spinach, carrots, sweet peppers, Nutritional yeast, avocado, sunflower seeds, feta & balsamic vinaigrette.

TUESDAY: Field Trip Day!  PB&J Sandwich, sliced sweet peppers & an orange.
- She ate it all. :)

WEDNESDAY: Broccoli & Quinoa with nutritional yeast & parm cheese, a left over bite of PB Rice Krispies treat from McAlister's Deli, an orange.
-Again she ate it all. :)

THURSDAY: WW Ritz Crackers, Sweet Bell Pepper, Orange, Tuna Salad (tuna, greek yogurt, avocado & dijon mustard)
- Once again she ate it all. :)

FRIDAY: Macaroni, broccoli & edemame with pasta sauce & parm cheese.
- And once again she ate it all. :)

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