Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Broccoli Quinoa Soup

The other day I made a HUGE batch of this soup and I LOVE it.  Of course, I love just about every soup so I don't suppose that means a whole lot, but it really is good. :)

Kai wanted to help me make the soup and her favorite veggie is Broccoli so I knew we'd include broccoli - all other veggies would be "hidden".

So, I always start with sauteed onion, and then I decided to add some cauliflower that I had in the fridge.  That along with a Large can of diced tomatoes (with the juice) and a large spoonful of minced garlic all simmered with the lid on until the cauliflower was soft. 

Kai's not a big fan of seeing onion, cauliflower or tomato in her food lately so once everything was soft I blended it until smooth.  That's my tip of the day... If your kids/spouse doesn't like a particular food try just putting it in a soup and blending it.   Out of sight, out of mind. :)

Once I had the "broth" I added quinoa, frozen broccoli and some Veggie Broth and let that simmer until the quinoa and broccoli were cooked.

And that was it!  Kai and I enjoyed ours with some Greek Yogurt, Nutritional Yeast, Sunflower Seeds and Avocado.

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