Friday, August 24, 2012

Easiest Black Bean Soup EVER

 I was thinking (uh, oh!) it makes more sense for me to talk about the lunch wrap-up on Saturdays rather than Friday because then I'll know how she ate her Friday meal.  So let's talk about tomorrow.

I survived yesterday.  I survived despite all of Leonardo Dicaprio's efforts to bore me to death!  Seriously, I don't know why I keep watching his movies expecting to be entertained.  But the trailers always make me WANT to see it.  Maybe it's because the trailers are about a minute and then the actual movies are about 6 hours long...or does it just feel that way?

At any rate, we watched J Edgar last night.  It wasn't a bad movie necessarily, it was just so dull.  And the guy had an interesting life.  Maybe I have a prejudiced against Leo's movies.  I sat through Titanic and watched the ship sink in real time (click here for a funny trailer).  Then I saw The Aviator.  Again a seriously interesting person made dull.  Then I watched Inception.  Here's my summary of that movie.... "Is it a dream? Is it real?  Ooh, look, special effects! And no ending.  The End".  Clearly I'm not a "dramatic" film person.

But here's the real kicker.  Knowing how I tend to be disappointed with his movies I STILL can not wait to see The Great Gatsby!  I guess I'm just a Masochist.

Ok, on to food.  Yesterday I read this post on Snack Girl in the morning and then was watching the clock waiting for lunch.  FINALLY it came around and into my blender went:  1/2 can of rinsed black beans, green peppers, tomatoes from the garden, a sprinkle of cumin and some chili powder.

Then I poured that into a bowl, topped it with nutritional yeast, some greek yogurt and enjoyed it with some chips.  Hello there easiest Black Bean Soup EVER.

 OMG!  It was so good.  AND SO FAST.  I'm sorry that it's not very colorful because I do believe you'll be seeing this often. :)

For dinner I cleaned out the fridge a bit.   Into the oven at 450 went onion, broccoli, squash and tomatoes until they were nice and roasted.

 When they were almost done roasting I scrambled some eggs and microwaved some bacon for the hubs.

 For me it was just the veggies with eggs....

For the Hubs and Kai it was "breakfast wraps".  The hubs has just eggs, bacon and cheese while Kai got eggs, broccoli, bacon and cheese.

As for tonight...we also got 21 Jump Street in the mail yesterday.  Hopefully a comedy will entertain me more than J Edgar did. :)

And yes, we're that exciting!  It's Friday night and I'm looking forward to watching a movie at home. lol!

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