Friday, August 17, 2012

Lunch Wrap-Up

It's Friday!!  That means today is the last day of the first week of school.   Other than a slight melt down at pick up yesterday when she realized it was raining and that we weren't going to the State Fair as planned it's been a stellar week.  

And since I've packed the last lunchbox for the week I thought I'd share with you what Kai's taking to school & how she ate....

TUESDAY (first day):  Unsweetened Applesauce + raisins & Cinnamon, Greek Yogurt + Butterscotch Chips, Veggies - Cucumber, Yellow Pepper & Tomato, and a Jelly, Flax Seed & Nutritional Yeast Sandwich on Whole Grain bread (cut into dino shapes with a sandwich cutter).   
- She ate all but the veggies at school & finished the veggies on the way home.

WEDNESDAY:  WW Ritz Crackers, Spinach Hummus, Mini-Veggie Kabobs (cucumber, string cheese & tomato), and a Yogurt Treat - blended greek yogurt, banana, strawberry & chocolate chip frozen in a travel tube.
- She ate the crackers and SOME of the veggies at school.  Then ate the yogurt on the way home and the rest of the veggies & SOME of the humus once we got home.

THURSDAY:  Cottage Cheese topped with Strawberries & Carob Powder (cocoa), Baked Steel Cut Oats with homemade jam, left over sweet potato topped with cinnamon, homemade Fruit Leather (roll-up).
-She didn't eat the sweet potatoes at school and when she got home she wanted another oat-muffin and a frozen banana.  I compromised that she had to eat half the sweet potatoes and she could have a muffin and 1/2 a frozen banana.

FRIDAY:  Left over Nectarine Crisp (see below), Tiny amount of popcorn + raisins, Left over slice of the Hub's Pizza + added red bell pepper, and a Yogurt Treat.
- I expect her to eat everything but the yogurt and then wind up eating it on the way home. :)

What do you think?  I'm still learning what/how to pack for her.  I want her to get nutritious food (obviously) but I also know that there's no one there pushing her to try her food so I have to pack things I know she's going to eat.  Honestly, she'd be happy with a jelly sandwich everyday but I'm trying to get her to branch out a bit.  :)

As for last night's dinner, it was pizza delivery.  The original plan was to go to the State Fair for dinner but storms pretty much canceled that idea.  The hubs suggested pizza instead and I jumped on board.  He got some sort of Supreme and I got a Veggie - no hot pepper, no olive, no cheese, extra sauce.  I could seriously eat the entire pizza by. my. self.

After dinner we dug into the dessert I had made earlier in the day.  I was looking at the last of the fruit I had to deal with and decided that instead of freezing it, I was going to make a dessert.  I cleaned and chopped 4 or 5 nectarines and an apple and put them into a dish.

Then in a bowl I mixed a couple handfuls of Old Fashion Oats, a pinch of Salt, a spoonful of Succant (brown sugar), a HEAPING spoonful of coconut oil and cinnamon (Sorry, I didn't measure - that the fun of a don't have to measure!):

Once it was good and blended I sprinkled it on top of the fruit and baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes. 

After that Kai told me she was STILL hungry and she reminded me that earlier, when I first picked her up from school, I told her that since it was raining we could have popcorn while we watched a movie.  Her memory can be SO CONVENIENT!  So I went ahead and popped a small amount of popcorn for her and mixed it with some raisins (hence the small amount she's also taking to school today).   She ate that while we watched a Dreamwork's Christmas Collection.  Hey, who says it has to be snowing to watch Christmas movies?  lol!

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  1. This has come a long way since my mom put a hot dog into a thermos of soup so we could have a hot lunch!!! Nothing like a grease-covered hot dog fished out of the thermos onto a bun!! Life and nutritional awareness was a lot different then!!!