Monday, August 27, 2012

Take Me out to the Ball Game...

 Yesterday was my high school alumni baseball outing.  Most of our get-togethers are adult activities so this is an event where we can bring our kids.  It was nice to visit with a few alumni but for the most part I hung out with my friend Christina and her family.  I mean, it had been over 24 hours since I had seen them at their daughter's very first soccer game!!  lol!!

We got to the game and got ready for some fun.  Actually we got to the game and sat in our seats in the Sun.    After about 10 minutes we moved up to the shade.  Yep, we were "those people" who just go and sit where ever we feel like sitting.  It was ok though.  When the guys came that had tickets to our seats they offered to just move down to some other empty seats, rather than us moving.  So nice. :)

On Sundays kids eat free at Indian's Games so the girls got a free hot dog, chips and water. (I ate before the game since I knew there wasn't going to be much that I'd like)

And Kai's favorite treat is Cracker Jack so we went ahead and got some of those as well.

Making silly faces for the camera!
 As the game progressed we watched NONE of it.  The whole time was spent visiting.  At one point I looked up and they weren't even playing any more! (it was a change of innings)

More than anything the girls wanted Cotton Candy so they split a bag and then got silly....

At the same time the Hubs bought a bag of peanuts.   As he was eating them I looked over and freaked out!

The boys were eating them WITH the shell on!!  I've NEVER seen this before.  I've always taken the shell off.  They assured me that it was very normal to eat the peanut shell (because that's where all the salt is - duh!). 

I still think it's weird, and the girls agreed.  We took the shells OFF our peanuts. :)

Finally it was time to leave and as we were exiting one of the concession guys gave Kai a Rowdie toy!  Some girls have all the luck. 
I think she's getting used to nap time at school!

The other eats yesterday included a smoothie...

A salad...

And for dinner...
That's what happens when Kai "makes" her own dinner!  It's Fiber One cereal in the middle with tortilla chips, sweet pepper, cucumber and hard boiled egg.  Sounds REALLY yummy doesn't it?  :)

I took a different route...
Black beans, corn, spinach, salsa, sweet pepper, cucumber and nutritional yeast all mixed together and eaten with tortilla chips. 

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