Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Summer Review...

Ahhh, what a summer!  Clearly it was busy.  So busy I didn't even have time to blog.  Even when I was messaged about it, even when I promised to focus harder, even when I had EVERY intention to sit down and write, it just did not happen.  But I'm back now! :D

Well sorta, I'm starting off with a quick photo review of some of the summer's highlights.  There aren't any food pics because as I lapsed in blogging, I lapsed in photo taking.  But I will get back on track....

Except I didn't take a picture of this morning's breakfast.  Not the best start. lol!

Anyway... Some of the things that were distracting me this summer included (in no particular order):

Camping with my parents & sister...

At Jelly Stone Park!  We even went on a wagon ride with Yogi Bear himself.

Blueberry picking at a new-to-us farm near our house.

Church Fair & Kai's first Ferris Wheel Ride.

Lemonade Stand in the middle of the week...We had 2 visitors - Grammy & Grandpa (and I may have called them to come over, lol!)

15 Year Class Reunion

My Euchre skills aren't where they should be. :)

State Fair Visit for PURDUE DAY!

 The Pigs may be gone (fear of Swine Flu) but the donkeys are still around. :)

A trip to Vegas for the Hubs and me

Where we stayed at Paris, and had a view of both the Tower & Belagio Fountains.

And where we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

Some trips to the zoo (this is for baby elephant Kalina's first birthday celebration)

Some sneaking out to sleep in the hallway...

A baseball game
  At night!

Maybe a little too late into the night...

 There, of course, were some laze dog days too....

And some glitter accidents

LOTS of swimming (this was one HOT summer)

And Picnics including some kite flying

We checked out the new exhibit at 100 Acres (part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art)

And Lots, and Lots, and Lots of time spent playing with cousins!

And now it's already the first day of FULL day preschool....

No tears and no fears...She's growing up!

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