Saturday, August 18, 2012

Expendables 2

Earlier this week the Hubs and I had this conversation...

Hubs:  Do you want to go see Expendables 2 on Friday?
Me:  Is that the one with Sly?
Hubs: Yeah!
Me:  Ummm, No.  Not. At. All.
Hubs:  Are you sure?  It also has Hansom Rob & Bruce Willis in it...And we'll get Moe's for dinner.
You had me at Handsome Rob!
Me:  I changed my mind.  I'm SO going!

So that was our plan for last night.  Go to Moe's and see what I expected to be one of the worst movies ever.  (I saw the first one.  I can't get that time back!)  But I SUPPOSE I can watch some old action stars if my belly's full of deliciousness.

Then as we headed out I realized that what I really wanted was Yats.  No one had a problem changing venues so Yats it was.

I didn't take a pic of my B&B so I stole one from their FB Page. :)
After that we had some time to kill, and right next to the movie theater is an Orange Leaf Yogurt, so we stopped in.  ...Again no pic but trust me, my Coconut & Java mixture was Yummy!

Then it was off to the movie.  The movie I had VERY low expectations for.  I mean seriously, Sly Stalone...I didn't care for his movies when he was a Star!  But I was fed so I couldn't complain. :)

As the movie starts I discovered it's not JUST old action stars (and Handsome Rob)... it has Liam Hemsworth, AKA Gale from Hunger Games, Mr. Miley, Thor's Brother!  Why hello there younger eye candy!

Then as the movie goes on I discover that not only is Sly, Arnold, and Bruce in it, but so is Jean Claude Van Damme AND Chuck Norris!!  Holy 80's Action Batman.  I was just waiting for Steven Seagal to show up (he didn't).  And in case you're wondering... Chuck Norris really is a bad ass.  And Jean Claude doesn't do the splits (he's pretty much got one move - a spin kick.)

At any rate, the movie was GREAT!  One of those 'So Campy/Cheesy it's Good' kind of movies. :)

So the Hub's was right, and it's posted in this blog for all to read.  I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

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