Friday, August 31, 2012

Colt's "Game"

 Last night we went to the Colt's "Game".  Yes, I put game in quotes.  It was the final pre-season game of the year so I think we can all agree that the term "Game" can be used loosely.  I'm sure for all those guys on the bubble who have something to prove like it, but really, after the first series, it's kind'a boring.  BUT the Hubs won free tix and I need a chance to learn some player names.  It's a WHOLE new team this year! :)

The Hubs and I got downtown and started walking around looking for a place to eat.  Everywhere close to the stadium was full already so we walked towards the mall.  I voted for California Pizza because I haven't eaten there yet, but was quickly informed that that wasn't "Football Food".  I think Pizza is perfectly good football food but apparently CA Pizza is "snooty" pizza not football pizza.  Boys!

Instead we went to Champs.  They have sports on TVs all over the place so clearly they're much more Footbally.

When we got there we weren't sure if we'd be meeting up with some of his co-workers or not so we got drinks & an Appetizer... Loaded Chips (with bacon & sour cream on the side).  I gotta say they were greasy but very tasty!

When it turned out that it was just going to be us I got a side salad to complete my meal.  We can't take food into the game and there was no way I was going to be able to finish an actual entree.

The Hubs got the slider app as his meal...

Once we finally got our check (I think our waitress was new...but she tried really hard) we headed towards the Stadium...  Both the roof & window were open - Score!

Then we walked around looking for our seats & for the Hub's dad who was at the game with his aunts & Granny.  We finally decided to just go to our seats and meet up with his dad at half time.

We stayed through the first half, watched a little football, talked a lot and I got a pretzel (yummy!)

And that ladies and gentlemen was my "super healthy meal" last night... 1/2 an appetizer of loaded chips, a side salad and a pretzel.  Such a role model. lol!

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