Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hot Soup & Frozen Yogurt

It was rainy yesterday.  VERY rainy.  It put me in the mood for soup!

MMMMM, Hello old friend. :)

To start I sauteed some onion...

Then added some tomatoes (from my garden!), about 1/3 of a yellow squash, veggie broth, some lentils and some quinoa.

And I let all that simmer until it seemed really good and cooked... about 40 minutes

Then I topped my bowl with some flax seed, nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds.

 It hit the spot! 

Later as an afternoon snack I had an Apple...

When dinner time came around we were supposed to make quesadillas but all I wanted was YoguLatte and the Hubs REALLY wanted Taco Bell (ewww!) so we compromised.  Kai and I got YoguLatte and he got Taco Bell.  Win-Win

I tried their new flavor, Cappuccino.  It was good on its own but I didn't like it mixed with everything else.  I think I'll stick to my favorite...Original Tart. :)

Believe it or not, that massive bowl of yogurt wasn't enough to fill me up.  Once home I polished off some overnight oats (from Kai's lunch) and a bowl of Kale chips with Nutritional Yeast.

I gotta say though, Yogurt does make a fine dinner. :)

And speaking of fine dinners, I just found out yesterday that they're putting a new Yats in downtown...Right next to Moes!  My two favorite "fast foods" right next to each other?  I'm doomed!! :)


  1. Oh Emily … original tart is your favorite flavor? Yuk! We might not be able to be friends anymore. :D

    1. If I'm eating by itself then no, but I'm not a weirdo so I top the hell out of my fro-yo and for that I like Tart. :D Think of it this way, now there's plenty for BOTH of us so we could be BEST friends!
      ...although now that I think about it, no friend of mine would waste perfectly good watermelon on an unappreciative horse. lol!

    2. LOL! Actually, we probably could be best friends because I don't like watermelon either!