Saturday, August 25, 2012

School Lunch Wrap-Up

Another week, another 5 lunches.  Here we go...

MONDAY:  Greek Yogurt (for dipping), Raw Broccoli, Sandwich of Whole Grain Bread, Cream Cheese, and Strawberries, Fruit-Leather & a Cheese Stick. 
- She ate the yogurt, 90% of the sandwich, and the fruit roll up.  Then finished the cheese stick in the car and munched on some of the broccoli.  The raw broccoli was NOT a hit. :)

TUESDAY:  Cantaloupe and Mac & Cheese with Broccoli
- she ate some of both but the lunch box was left at school so the left overs were trashed the next day. 

WEDNESDAY:  Mac & Cheese (the last of it), Unsweetened Apple Sauce with Cinnamon & Raisins, a Hard Boiled Egg & Cucumber
- She ate all the apple sauce and some of everything else, then finished off the rest when she got home.

THURSDAY:  Hard Boiled Egg (I learned she eats better if it's sliced), Sweet Potato, a Jam & Nutritional Yeast Sandwich on a mini loaf of my mom's homemade bread, and Cucumber & Green Bell Pepper.
- She ate the sandwich & egg and maybe a bit of the cucumber.  When we got home she told me she doesn't like Sweet Potato (that's new!) and then Frodo accidentally got the veggies (it really was an accident).  :(

FRIDAY:  WW Ritz Crackers, Cucumber & Green Bell Pepper, Dessert Humus (I used PB2 instead of Almond Butter and added some shaved chocolate for "chips"), and a Hard Boiled Egg.
-  She ate everything but the veggies, which were eaten when she got home.

There were a lot of Hard Boiled eggs this week because I'm trying to use them all up and they're a good snack that I know she'll eat. :)

Also, she has the same drink everyday.  We have a few mini/kid sized sport bottles that I fill about 1/2-3/4 full of water and then top off with juice.  For the most part, this is how she's always gotten juice so she doesn't mind it being watered down.

** And since today's August 25th I wanted to wish you a happy 4 month's until Christmas...I'm a little surprised I haven't seen anything in the stores yet! lol!!

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