Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Smoothies

I've talked about what most of my summer lunches looked like so now I'll focus on most of my summer breakfasts...SMOOTHIES!

Here's how I build my smoothies...

1.  Oats, flax seed, chia seeds & cinnamon.  I like Steel Cut Oats because I like my smoothie a little chewy but if you like it smooth then use Old Fashion or Instant. :)

 2.  Add Frozen Fruits - 1/2 banana, blueberries, peach & cranberries.

3.  Add Greens & Liquid -  I used spinach & kale interchangeably and almond milk as my liquid.  I know a lot of people like Juice but I REALLY don't like juice.  I don't know if it's because I eat fresh fruit so much or what but juice always tastes "off" to me. :)

4.  Blend until smooth.

5.  Pour & drink. 
Pretty simple...which is probably why it's been my go-to breakfast for the last few months. :)

After breakfast and some yard work we got ready to go celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday at the Indy Zoo (we both have kids so even adult parties wind up being celebrated in kiddie-land)  BUT since people weren't feeling well plans changed.  Instead the Hubs, Kai and I, along with his parents, went to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) for a picnic lunch.

Everyone just brought what they wanted.  The Hub's parents brought KFC, the Hubs bought a turkey sandwich & a fruit plate to share from Walgreen's, Kai had a Jelly Sandwich with some veggies for a side and I had a Salad in a Jar:

Then everyone got comfortable while we visited...

Well, the adults got comfortable.  Kai and I ran around a bit. :)

One of her favorite books is Barbie & the 3 Musketeers...

Hence the Pink dress, boots & sword  (there was also a hat but it wasn't worn into the museum)...

Eventually she sat down...for about 30 seconds. :)

After a while we all headed inside.  We were looking for a painting of a musketeer but some how we wound up in the area where Kai can draw & play with the magnet board (she has her favorite spots).  :)

And in case you're worried, we did manage to get together in the evening for some birthday cake!

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