Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm a Grown Up!!

Ok, so here's the deal.  I'm a grown up and if I want popcorn for lunch then I can have popcorn for lunch.  And I don't have to justify it to you!  ...OK, I'll justify it.  Popcorn's a whole grain, and nutritional yeast adds some protein and B12, and the sunflower seeds & Pecans add a little more protein, and raisins just make everything better!  So see, it's a good lunch!  Maybe it could use some veggies but hey, you can't have everything. :P

Now dinner was actually a little lot more "Grown-up".  We had a up-side-down pot pie / veggie casserole dish...I really don't know what to call it. 

Veggie Casserole Dish

First the "sauce"
1 T Butter
1 T Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
1 C Almond Milk

Mix the melted butter and flour until combined.  Add the milk and let simmer, stirring constantly, until it starts to thicken.  (This is where that automatic stirrer would come in handy...I came so close to buying one today but it takes batteries and I would have had to go buy some).

Second the "filling"

1/2 Block Tofu (pressed)
Assorted other frozen veggies - cauliflower, broccoli, carrots & peas - enough to fill your dish

Cube the tofu and mix everything together in a casserole dish.

Top the veggies with the sauce:

Third make the "biscuits"

1/2 C Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
1/4 C Plain Greek Yogurt
1 Shake Baking Soda (1/2 t -ish)
Pinch of salt
Drizzle of Honey (1 1/2 T -ish)
Water as needed (1 T -ish)

Mix everything but the water.  If it's still too thick add a LITTLE water and keep stirring until it's a sticky dough.

Drop the dough onto of the veggies and put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45-60 minutes.

Until the dough is cooked and the veggies aren't frozen anymore. 

See, now isn't that a grown up dinner?  And not only does it look impressive, it's kid approved.  Kai asked for seconds!!  Now, that may have to do with her not eating much of her lunch BUT I like to think it has more to do with the fact that it was just plain good.  Seriously, she cleaned her plate (well, except for a handful of peas) and asked for more.  This is not like her at all.

In addition to the dinner I made dessert! (Seriously, I'm SUCH a grown-up). Basically I had 1/2 a block of tofu to use and I'm only one person. The whole reason I don't buy tofu very often is because it just doesn't get eaten fast enough. If only they'd sell smaller blocks of it.  But I digress... Dessert

Pumpkin-Tofu Treat
1/2 Block of tofu
1/2 Block of Cream Cheese (4 oz -ish)
Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Ginger Spices
1/2 Can of Pumpkin (8 oz -ish)
Ground Flax Seed (2 T -ish)

Blend everything until smooth.  Taste and decide if you want to add any more spice/sweetener.

Pour into silicone cups.

Bake at 350 degrees until nice and set (about 30 minutes).  Let cool and then put in the fridge.

For dessert I topped them with just a small amount of Ricemallow.

And once again Kai asked for seconds.  Only the first one had ricemallow on it and she didn't even notice so I don't really think they need anything added unless you just like the frosted look. :)

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