Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Eats

How did I start my birthday?  With pudding of course!

1 mashed banana, 1/2 avocado, carob powder, and a splash of almond milk all mixed together to a pudding consistency; then topped with some almond butter and pumpkin seeds.  A perfectly healthy dessert breakfast! :)

For lunch I started by making up some banana raisin pecan muffins.  I basically followed the recipe but added 2 T flax seed and about 3/4 C raisins. 

Wet & Dry

Mixed by my little helper

Poured into my muffin cups...then topped with chopped pecans

baked & ready to eat!
 As a side I made each of us a cucumber cup....

I scooped the center out of 2 2" slices of cucumber.

Mixed the removed cucumber with some diced tomatoes and Feta cheese.

And then stuffed it back into the "cups"

 And for some protein I decided to cook up some eggs in green pepper.
 Obviously the pan wasn't hot enough when I added the egg because it seeped out from under the pepper but no matter...It was still delicious! :)

Now doesn't that look like a good Birthday Lunch?!?

After lunch we were going to go to the library because they were having a special Dinosaur program that I thought sounded fun...But it was just too nice out to stay inside.  A quick change of plans later we were at the zoo!  
sea lion / seal

For some reason this shark was just swimming in circles?!?
Don't worry some others swam straight and we were able to pet them. :)

Yes, we go all the way to the zoo just to play in their play ground. :(

This girl loves the snakes!

A wildebeest

It was the baby giraffe's birthday too!!

Jumping on the rope bridge is SO much better than actually seeing the Rhinos, lol!

"I'm princess of the world"
She's never seen Titanic but loves to paraphrase it. :)

 Rather than spending buku bucks on questionable snacks I threw a couple pears in my purse.  Easy to eat while walking around and both of us LOVE pears!  A total win. :)

The baby elephant...he's so cute!

The Bear. :)
 And Kai could not wait to see the bats.  She was going on and on with "when will we see the bats?"  I wasn't sure where the new bat love was coming from until we saw them and asked me if I knew what movie had a bat in it...Ah, Ferngully!  Of course!!  How could I forget. :)

I thought the sleeping Red Panda was cute too.  It sorta reminded me of Katniss trying to sleep in a tree in Hunger Games...but she needed a rope to insure she didn't fall.  This guy was doing it on pure skill. :)

Once home I delayed making dinner as long as I could in the hopes that Hubs would get home and buy me something. But alas, I finally had to give in and make...

Nachos!  Hey it was my Birthday and I like them...Even if I do eat them ALL THE TIME. lol!

Chips topped with salsa, green pepper, black beans, corn, spinach, nutritional yeast and a dollop of greek yogurt. :)


  1. A trip to the zoo, fancy pepper eggs, and nachos - looks like you had an awesome birthday!