Friday, April 27, 2012

Making Paul Happy

This morning I went to pick up Kai from school and, per usual, I set the house alarm when I left.  While picking up Kai I got a call from an unknown number so I let it go while I got her into her seat.  Then I listened to my voicemail and it turns out that something had set the alarm off.  It was the door to the garage so I was 99% sure that the door had re-opened and that there wasn't anything shady going on.  When I got home I found out I was right and that the door had just popped back open.  I called and canceled the alarm.  It was all good.

Later I had this convo with the Hubs after he checked HIS voicemail with the same alarm company message...

Oh, it may be helpful for you to know I've named the poltergeist Paul.  Poltergeist takes too long to type and the odds of constantly spelling it correctly are low.  Paul's much easier and I think will make him easier to get along with.  Maybe now that he has a name, he'll stop leaving cabinet doors open after I've left a room, or will stop opening my dresser drawers just an inch.  It will probably be best to keep him happy with lots of Frozen Yogurt.  :)

Also, I keep finding soda cans in odd places (i.e. on top of the coat rack & behind our curtain) so the soda can thing is something I've been combating for a while, which is why, I admit, I'm a little "snitty" about it.  lol! 

Ok, refocusing...

Yesterday I started the day off with an Almond Joy like breakfast.  On Wednesday night, we got on topic of Almond Joys... Apparently if you order a chocolate milk with coconut flavoring, the maker may get excited and recommend also using Almond Milk to create a super sweet Almond Joy Cocoa Drink.  Also, the Hubs has been buying Almond Joy creamer for his coffee.  Almond Joy is everywhere and it got into my head!

Oatmeal topped with cocoa, coconut milk, almond butter, flax & chia seeds, and shredded coconut.  To be honest I don't know that I've actually had an Almond Joy, but this bowl was delicious!

And very filling...probably because of all the HEALTHY fats. :)

For lunch Kai and I actually had the exact same thing and both of us ate ALL of our food!  Half a Large Sweet Potato topped with Greek Yogurt, flax seed, cinnamon and a SMALL drizzle of Maple Syrup + a Side of cucumber + Lime Basil Hummus with nutritional yeast.

For a snack we later had popcorn with raisins, sunflower seeds & nutritional yeast.  (and I took a picture of it...props to me!)

Dinner was a delicious plate of B&B from Yats!

The Hubs got the Chili Cheese Etouffée with crawfish and Kai shared our plates.

Afterwards it was FINALLY time to appease Paul and get us some Frozen Yogurt. :)

Yep, I think Paul is happy now. :D

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