Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sports & Trivia

Good morning!  How was your evening? Last night the Hubs attended the last game of the regular season for the Pacers.  He and a friend had sweet seats for the last game, against the Bulls!  They didn't win but, honestly they weren't playing to win.  A win or a lost wouldn't help them one way or the other so the Pacers were just playing to stay healthy.  The Bulls were still fighting for the top seed so they played more of their starters...and yet the Pacers only lost by 5 points!  We've already bought tickets to a playoff game this weekend!  AND today's the NFL Draft, but the Colt's already announced they're drafting Luck so there shouldn't be any surprises there for us.  In fact at 8:00 tonight his official Colt's Jersey goes on sale!  

Between a new hope at quarterback and the Pacer's stellar year there are a lot of pep rallies scheduled around Indy...It's a full on sports weekend.  I'm hoping to be able to make it to at least one party. :)

Anyway, back to the food...

Breakfast yesterday was a Gingerbread Smoothie with lots of spinach.
When I make a smoothie for breakfast I always add oatmeal to it for a little more staying power.  And as a tip, I'll add the oats & milk first, get dressed, then mix the rest.  It softens the oatmeal so that it blends a little better. :)

Oatmeal + Almond Milk + Chia Seeds + Flax Seeds + Spinach + Frozen Banana + Ice Cubes + Cinnamon + Ginger + Black Strap Molassis


Lunch was a left-over-black-bean-burger salad. :)
A bed of spinach + a crumbled black bean burger + cucumber + Salsa + sweet pepper + cherry tomatoes + nutritional yeast

And since Kai now completely turns her nose up at salads she had a jelly sandwich, with some black bean burger (she only ate one bite of them), tomatoes, peppers and cucumber.

She thinks she's sneaky!
For a late afternoon snack I made us some popcorn with nutritional yeast, raisins and sunflower seeds.  We inhaled it thought before I could get a picture.  No regrets though, it was way too good to postpone eating just for a few snap shots. :)

Then we all ate dinner separately and I took no pics again (ok, so maybe a regret there)!

Kai had:  Cous-cous + Quinoa + Broccoli + nutritional yeast all mixed together.
The Hubs ate at the game...probably something he loved but that I would turn my nose up to. lol!
I had a personal cheese, tomato & mushroom pizza while doing some trivia with my High School Alumni at Kazablanka's.

And guess what?  Our team took first place.  There were some grumpy second placers at the bar who tried to throw down but in the end everyone left smiling. :)

2 of the questions that stumped us, as it turns out, the Hubs could have actually helped on.

Like do you know this person's name:

Yeah, to me it's the red head from Mythbusters...but they wanted an actual name.  Who the hell knows that?  Well, it turns out the Hubs.  When I said they wanted the name of the red head from Mythbusters he replies with, "isn't it Kari?"  

Then they wanted to know who's album cover this was:
The name was blacked out on the question.
Since I download my music I never see covers so I'm no help in that department...even if I could ID Nickelback, but of course the Hubs knew it. :P

Fortunately his day-late, dollar-short answers didn't cost us because, like I said, We Won!!  So take that noisy 2nd place bar lady. lol!!

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