Saturday, April 7, 2012

That's no carrot, it's a calzone!

Let me just start by saying Happy Easter!  Do you have any fun plans for Easter?  We're having a brunch at our house with our local family.  I'm making "personal breakfast casseroles/portable omelets" and cinnamon tortilla chips with fruit salsa.  There will also be banana bread, deviled eggs, a hashbrown dish, cinnamon rolls and an angel food dessert dish.  Can we just say I'm really looking forward to morning!!  Plus I've already got a bunch of plastic eggs filled and ready to hide around our yard.  :D

In order to get ready for our company I totally cleaned our house (ok, it's family and at this point they know I don't live in a spotless house, but for holidays we like to pretend I'm a Donna Reed-esque mom).  Unfortunately the Hubs did have to work today...and then a hose broke on the test he was running so there was no way he was going to make it home at a helpful time.  I still had to make up an Easter Basket for Kai so once again I called on my parents for help.  They happily watched her while I ran around.  Then when I picked her up my dad said he'd mow for me since there was no way it was going to happen with the Hubs away all day!!  So now, with the shortened grass, the Easter Egg Hunt won't have such a jungle feel to it. lol!

In thanks I offered to make my parents dinner. :)

I grilled eggplant and served it on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, onion, gouda cheese and avocado.  My dad had his on bread, as a sandwich.  As a side we had grapes and a "Carrot".

Yep, I got a little creative and added some Easter theme to our meal by making up a quarter batch of pizza dough, dividing it into 4 pieces, flattening each piece out and running a spoonful of diced tomatoes & garlic along the center, then folding it over on itself into a triangle, or carrot shape...Sorta like a shaped calzone.  Then I put them on the top rack of our grill, while I grilled the eggplant, to cook up.  For the green coming out of the top I poked a basil leaf in.   It was cute, if I do say so myself! :)

My other big achievement today (besides actually cleaning the house and making the little "carrots") was that I made my first successful omelet.  Seriously, my very first!!  Usually it turns into scrambled eggs but this time it held it's shape.  WOOT!!!

I started by throwing left over fajita onions and peppers into a pan to warm up (the Hub's got a shrimp fajita last night for dinner and only ate the shrimp part plus the condiments, lol!).

Then I added 3 whisked eggs to the pan.

Then I let it just sit as I started to clean up the house.  I think that was the key.  I let it sit for a good long time, eventually adding a small sprinkle of mozzarella.  :)

Finally I folded it over. :)

Ok - the bottom may have been a little brown but it definitely wasn't burnt.  The only problem was that it was MASSIVE!  I wound up cutting it into thirds...for me, Kai and Frodo. :)

For a side we had more muffins (only 1 left!) and some grapes.

There has also been quite a bit of snaking over the last two days....

Grapes + Gouda Cheese

Hummus + Veggies & Nutritional Yeast

Frozen Banana + Cranberry + Frozen Apple + Chia Seeds + Almond Milk = Soft Serve

A massive bowl of Frozen Yogurt.

Oh, and of course we dyed some eggs!  I actually forgot to buy the kit every time I went to a store and didn't have beets/cabbage/spinach to use to make natural dyes.  OK - I do have spinach but I don't want to waste it on dye, lol!.  Instead I dug deep into my cabinet and found food coloring!!  Water + Vinegar + Food Coloring = perfect solution!!  I only had yellow & blue so are eggs are all either yellow, blue or green but no one (i.e. Kai) seemed to care.  We broke out the crayons then dyed away.  

So I gotta say, it's been a good few days.  I'm 99% sure that the Hubs won't work on Easter Sunday so I may even get to spend the day with him....I wonder what he looks like now.  lol!

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