Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pulling myself out of my funk

Today I decided to pull myself out of my funk and get some stuff done.  I dropped Kai off at school, came home and started off by cleaning the kitchen.  Then I moved on to the rest of the house.  Then I did the laundry.  I even pre-planned dinner. :)

But, as you know, yesterday I was still in can't-catch-up mode and it showed....

Breakfast was a quickly thrown together bowl of yogurt + almond butter + carob powder with some chia & flax seeds stirred in and a drizzle of agave nectar for sweetness.  It was my version of a peanut butter cup breakfast, lol!

 Lunch was roasted chickpeas.  I actually discovered that this was the first time I had used my oven since Easter morning.  How did I find out this fun fact?  Well, when I made the eggs for brunch I threw the dirty pans in the oven to clean later so they weren't cluttering up the sink & counter top.  Then I forgot!!  What a nice surprise!  Do'h!!

But hey, this morning I got them nice and cleaned up!

To roast the chickpeas I just drizzled some drained and rinsed chickpeas with olive oil and a pinch of salt then put them in the oven at 450° for 20 minutes.  When I took them out I added some malt vinegar and then snacked on them for the rest of the afternoon.  There were also some baby carrots thrown in periodically. :)

Dinner was easy spaghetti.  I cooked up the noodles, nuked some broccoli and then mixed the drained noodles, the hot broccoli and 1/2 a jar of Prego.

Then topped with nutritional yeast...

See, it's been lazy days! 

But today things changed...

Breakfast was LOTS of pumpkin + yogurt + pumpkin seeds, raisins and agave nectar.  YUM!!!

Lunch was an awesome salad!  Massaged Kale, Strawberries, Avocado, Mushrooms and Hard Boiled Egg.

To massage the kale I de-stemmed and chopped the kale and drizzled some balsamic vinegarette, dijon mustard and maple syrup on top.  Then I took off my rings and dug in, massaging the kale so that it became nice and tender. :)

For dessert we had watermelon!  I've been wanting watermelon for a while so, since I decided that today I was empowered, Kai and I went to Meijer to buy one.  It was $4 for a "Personal Seedless" but it's all I could find.  Once we got home I cut it up and within 3 hours the entire watermelon was gone!!!
Got a picture before it was ALL gone. :)

Well it was a "Personal Sized" watermelon. :)

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