Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Did you have a fabulous Easter?  We did!

Kai woke up to an Easter Basket... A Ring Toss Game, 2 Sets of Outside Chalk, A New Puzzle, An Ariel Doll, An Organic Fruit Rope, Some Organic Suckers and then the Chocolate Bunny (nothing organic or clean about that bunny!)
 Kai found the packing grass so silly!

 After going through the Easter Basket we got dressed and headed off to church.  Afterwards we headed home and got ready for our Easter Gathering. :)

My Birthday flowers from the Hubs and Kai  made an excellent center piece!
 I went out and started hiding the eggs.  I was a little tricky and put some lavender eggs among the Wisteria...Not very easy to see at first!

And then we set out the food...

Nana & Papa brought Cheesy Hashbrowns.

 I contributed the Eggs... Just scrambled eggs poured into silicone molds then filled with assorted "toppings" and baked at 350 until set.
The Veggie Eggs
Spinach, mushroom, sweet pepper, tomato & onion

The Meaty Eggs
onion, sweet pepper, ground sausage & bacon bits
 Nana and Papa also brought this "Bunny Bread" that they were given at work.  It was very cute (but D.R.Y.)

Aunty Beth & Uncle Doug brought Banana bread (one with and one without nuts)
 Nana & Papa brought deviled eggs.
 Grammy & Grandpa brought Pecan Sticky Rolls.
 I made Cinnamon Tortillas with Fruit Salsa (see recipe below).
 Grammy & Grandpa brought an Angle Food/Cool Whip/Fresh Berry Dessert.

Everything was DELICIOUS!!  And so filling! :)

Afterwards we sat around and visited for a while....

I checked out some newspaper ads

Kai checked out her new Ring Toss
 Finally it was time to hunt some eggs!!

 And enjoy the spoils!

 For Easter Nana & Papa got the kids all play laser guns ?!?
 An odd gift but we had fun with them. lol! 

"Save me!"
 There was also some fun on the swings!

After everyone left we just laid around and were lazy for the rest of the day!  I told the Hubs I wasn't going to cook dinner so we ordered a pizza (my side was veggie, no cheese (I add Nutritional Yeast) and extra sauce).  Then after dinner we just laid around some more.  It was excellent! :)

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