Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, Day 2

Well the good news is I did take some photos. The bad news is the only food shot I got was of the left over soup that I had made.  Oh well, next week things should start to get back to normal and we'll get some real food reporting going on again. :)

In the mean time, lets just embrace the photos I do have...

Ready to open some presents!

Kai's cousins know what they're doing!

One of her gifts...Matching PJs for her and her baby doll.

Among other things, I got a One-Size-Fits-All-Shirt, lol!!
And the left over soup...

I know, at this point it's really not much to look at, but it was tasty!  Sauteed Onion, Celery, Sweet Peppers and Mushrooms + Kale, Veggie Broth, Kidney Beans and Wheat Berries.  I made up a crock pot of soup since I knew the meal was going to be KFC take out. :)  Of course, I probably didn't need to make anything considering the amount of sweets there were!  Cookies, Chocolate Bark (one of my weaknesses), Cheese Cake and Dip (Velveeta + Tomato & Chili)...Oh, and a Gourmet Chocolate Covered Apple!

Seriously, I could easily have just eaten desserts all day!

And now it's evening and another Christmas is done with just one more left to go.  That's not until January first so for the next weeks we're just going to relax and play with all our new toys.  For me that means lots of time in the kitchen, for the Hubs lots of time in front of the TV and for Kai...well her toys are spread out ALL OVER the house.  :)

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