Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warming Up

The heat is back up and running!  Yeah!!

But it wasn't back on before lunch, which meant I wanted something that would really warm me up. :)

Kai on the other hand told me she liked it cold and all she wanted was some turkey and an apple.  Fine, if she likes it cold she can be cold.  I want to be wrapped in an over sized sweatshirt, snuggie, and a sleeping bag and to sit in front of a roaring fire with some hot soup and hot tea in hand.  I am not a fan of being cold.  I like it hot.

So soup for lunch was obvious. (Lord knows I'd been downing my fair share of hot tea all morning)  

A quick saute of onions + a large can of whole peeled tomatoes (including the juice) + white beans + spinach = a warming lunch.

Cooking and looking tasty

Smoothed out with my immersion blender.  Not as pretty but much easier to eat.
See all that steam?  Yep, I told you our house was cold.

And then for a side I decided to roast some cabbage.  This is a WONDERFUL alternative to slaw or a salad for the colder months.

Just slice into 1"-ish disks
Drizzle with Olive Oil & some salt
Roast at 415° until browned and crispy.
Before the Oven.

After the oven.
I'm seriously loving this roasted cabbage and will most likely be having it again today. :)

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