Friday, December 9, 2011

Running Late

Ugh, I am running SO LATE this morning!  My alarm on my phone is set to 7 AM as a back up to make sure I'm up and moving in time to get Kai ready for school.  BUT I almost NEVER have to use it because my real alarm clock is sweet little Kai.  She wakes some time between 6 and 6:45 every morning (anything before 6 and I make her go back to bed...which is when her wake up runs closer to 6:45).

So what happened today?  Well my phone died in the night.  It had been warning me all day that the battery was low but I didn't want to take the 20 seconds to go plug it in.  I admit, I was being lazy.  Then in the middle of the night my phone followed through on its threat and turned itself off.  That meant that as 7 rolled around, no alarm went off.

In addition to that I was up half the night coughing.  It's such a frustrating cough...not even really a full cough, but after a night of it I feel like I did a complete ab workout.  I wound up going out to lay sit on the couch to sleep which helped considerably.  Of course I was tired so my internal alarm clock never went off and when I did wake and saw sunlight outside I knew we were off schedule.

As for Kai, who knows why she slept in!  I opened her door at 7:35 and then headed into my room to dress VERY quickly.  She walked in a minute or so later.  (I've learned the best way to wake her and keep her in a good mood is to open her door and be loud so she wakes herself, rather than me going in and telling her to get up)  I got her dressed faster than ever before and  made her an apple butter & nutritional yeast sandwich and we were off to school.  She arrived with 5 minutes to spare!

Yep, just call me Super Mom. :)

Back to the foods...

There was nothing particularly new.

My breakfast was the last of the stew.

Lunch was left over Spaghetti Squash.

I had cut a squash in half and scooped out the seeds and roasted it in a 350° oven for about 40 minutes.  Once it came out of the oven I used a fork to scoop out the "spaghetti".

For the Sauce I heated some store bought Spaghetti Sauce on the stove top.  Then I added a peeled & half-moon-cut zucchini and some chopped spinach to the sauce.  Once that was all warmed up I topped the Spaghetti Squash with it and sprinkled on some Nutritional Yeast.  :)

Kai had super quick mac & cheese... I sprinkled some left over cooked macaroni noodles with Nutritional Yeast, shredded cheese and some almond milk and then nuked it for about a minute, stirred it and nuked another 30 seconds.   Bam! Instant Mac & Cheese. :)

Then lunch was completed with the last of the brownies.

After a few hours we decided we were still hungry so I made us up some smoothies - Frozen banana, apple, & plum with a few pomegranate seeds & Chia seeds (I woundn't recommend adding the pomegranate seeds - it ended up being very seedy).

Here's the thing about a good smoothie.  They're cold.  Duh! They're made with frozen fruit (or ice).  Obviously they're cold.  But that completely escaped me until after I ate it.  Then I shivered for about 30 minutes.  I guess smoothies & winter don't mix. I wonder if that will actually stop me from making more?  Probably not. 

Dinner was nachos, which I didn't photograph, so you get to use your imagination. :)

Chips topped with lettuce, spinach, black beans, cheese, salsa, and sweet pepper.

Then, around 7:30 the snacking began.  The Hubs thinks I need to eat more carbs and maybe he's right because I couldn't get enough to eat.  I had a Grapefruit, Chips and Salsa and then Popcorn with nutritional yeast, raisins and sunflower seeds.  When I asked the Hubs to grab me an apple from the kitchen he said no and recommended I let the rest of my snacks settle to see if I was still hungry later.  Humph!  I didn't want a voice of reason, I wanted an apple.  But I decided to take his advice and I didn't wind up snacking any more.  So this is me, saying he was right.  I put it at the end so maybe he'd get bored reading this blog half way through and never even see it. lol!!  (not really)

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