Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A visit with Santa leads to a lack of food pics

I took almost no food pictures yesterday. :(

I was just to focused on other things.

Like seeing Santa....

Going Fishing....

Racing on the Yule Slide....

And helping Kai in Santa's kitchen...

Yep, we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum!  And had a blast.  :)

We also spent some time not making cookies...

That's right.  Those are NOT cookies, no matter what the Hubs or Kai tries to tell you.  They're future ornaments.  And since I don't have any food recipes to share with you I'll share an ornament recipe. :)

2 parts flour + 1 part salt + 1 part water.
mix, kneed, roll, cut and bake at 200° for 4 hours.
In the next few days Kai (with my help) will be decorating all these bad boys with some paint and most likely some glitter.  In this house we sparkle!

As for yesterday's eats, I actually did start off right.  I took a FABULOUS photo of our scrambled eggs with CA Mix Veggies stirred in and sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast.

After that I wound up snacking on my last Apple Pear.  I really think they're my favorite fruit right now and if anyone's looking for a last minute early Christmas gift fridge is now empty.  I'm willing to accept them from perfect strangers if need be. lol!

Lunch was Okra, Broccoli, Quinoa and Cous-Cous and once again Kai ate every last drop.  It seriously amazes me how much she loves the stuff. :)

We rounded lunch out with a little Chocolate Avocado Pudding.

At the museum the Hubs was hungry so we dropped into the food court for a snack.  The Hubs got an order of bread sticks (3) and I got an orange.  It was so juicy I had to get extra napkins.  But it was good.. at at only 80 cents SO MUCH cheaper than the hub's bread sticks. :)

Dinner was made by the Hubs so guess what we had....  Quesadillas!  His go-to meal. 

Mine was filled with black beans, sweet peppers, mushrooms, cheese and spinach.  All served with a side of chips and salsa.

As for today, well I promise to take more photos of my eats.  :D

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