Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hodge podge mix of stir-fry-like-ness

I just polished off my morning snack/breakfast.  With all my nibbling while I make Kai her breakfasts I don't always need a full, sit down breakfast everyday, but I do need something.  And the jar of nutbutter was just calling to me this morning.  As was an apple.  Oh, and after reading this post I HAD to add a little gingerbread flavor to it. :)

I mixed a Big spoonful of Cashew-Almond-Peanut Butter (yes, they sell that at the grocery store) with a drizzle of Molasses, some pumpkin pie spice and a lot of cinnamon.   It was AMAZING!!

Lunch/Dinner yesterday was another hodge podge mix of stir-fry-like-ness.  (How's that for a sentence!)

First I brought some brown rice to a boil and then let it simmer.

While that was happening I heated up a pan and started to saute:
1/2 a chopped Onion
1 chopped Sweet Potato (I nuked it a few minutes to make cutting easier)
1/2 can drained & rinsed Chickpeas
1/2 can drained Corn
Some Frozen Snap Peas
and some chopped Spinach

I just let that cook, stirring periodically, until the rice was done.

Then I topped the rice with the veggie mix and ate it all up! :)

Kai also enjoyed a bit of the mixture, with a jelly & nutritional yeast sandwich of course.  It wouldn't be a meal without a jelly sandwich!

Now I'm off to finish some laundry, get caught up on work and eventually I'll be making some peppermint brownies!!  I wanted to make them yesterday but Mockingjay finally came up at the library so instead of doing anything else, I read it. :)

I REALLY enjoyed the series (as shown by my need to finish it!).  The ending actually surprised me too.  Much more "real" than fairy tale.

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