Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Trivia

Who doesn't like a little Getting To Know You Trivia? 

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Growing up Santa always left our gifts in a BIG bag by the tree.  As I got older he started wrapping them.   Now that I'm our family's "wrapper" and Santa is bringing some oddly shaped gifts I think he'll just be leaving them under the tree. :)
Colored lights on tree/house or white?
I LOVE white lights.  They just seem so much classier.  So when it comes to the house I'm all about the white lights.  This is the first year though that we've had LED lights and they actually have a blue tint to them.  It's ok but they clash with our old yellow-ish white lights. :(
On trees I still prefer white lights BUT sometimes color are appropriate for example:
In the living room (where we've clearly been playing with ponies) I have my "classic" tree set up.  Sadly there is a "black out" area on the tree where my lights burnt out today.  Apparently lasting just 1 more week was too much to ask for from that strand. lol!

 The tree in our kitchen has a candy theme to it so small color lights are perfect...

And in the basement we have, what I like to call the Clark Griswold Good Old Fashion Christmas Tree.  This one has old fashion tinsel garland, ornaments from our childhood and those BIG colored lights...and a train that runs around the base. :D
Do you hang mistletoe?
Of course! XOXOXO

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
That's a really hard one... I don't know that I have a very favorite dish.  :O

When I was little it was definitely my Grandma's Chicken and Dumplings.  We ALWAYS had that but now we take a much more laid back approach and it's more of a day of food browsing so there's always something different, but I find that to be nicer.  MUCH less stress and new flavors!
Favorite Holiday memory as a child?
From left to right:
Cousin Pete, me, sister Abee, cousin Chris, Cousin Phil & Cousin Beth
(And don't judge our clothes - it was the 80's and we were styling!)

This is so easy!  Playing with my cousins the night before and day of Christmas.   My Grandparents lived next to a wooded area and we'd pretend that there was a ravine filled with Lava so we had to climb across this fallen log and then we'd just run around and have fun.  It was the best! 
Snow? Love it or dread it?
LOVE!!!  I'm so miffed that we've had almost no snow this year. :(
Real tree or fake tree?
Fake all the way.
What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?
Family.  It's the one time of year when I get to see extended family all together and I love it.  Kai gets to see her little cousins.  I get to visit with my cousins, aunts and uncles and I always leave wishing I could see them all more often.  Thank God for Facebook, we're able to stay connected even though we're all spread out, but seeing people in person is SO MUCH BETTER! :)
What is your favorite Holiday dessert?

As hard as picking a favorite dish is, picking a favorite dessert is equally easy.  My mom's turtles.  It's a pretzel with a rolo and a pecan on top.  Salty + Sweet + Nutty...Seriously, I could eat them all so easily.  Thankfully they're a Christmas only treat, which keeps them special, and keeps me able to fit through doorways. lol!
What is your favorite tradition?
This one's a little hard too...  Clearly I love our family get togethers but I think my favorite tradition is starting the decorations the day after Thanksgiving and then sitting down that evening and watching a Christmas movie.  That general feeling of Christmas starts to surround you and it just feels cozy.
What tops your tree?
Which tree?  I get a little tree crazy!!  We have an angel on the white light tree, a star-burst on the kitchen tree, a tinsel star on the Old Fashion Christmas Tree, Tinkerbell on Kai's little tree in her room (that she gets to decorate...I have a countdown snowman that I put a different ornament in each drawer so we add a new ornament every day).  And a Santa Hat on our red & white tree...
There must be a special setting that I haven't found yet for taking pictures of trees.
It's much prettier in person, I swear!

What is your favorite Christmas Song?
As long as it's not that "Christmas Shoe" song I like them all.  My 3 crank-the-radio-up songs though are probably Carol of the Bells, All I want for Christmas Is You, and Santa Baby. :)
What do you leave for Santa?
Cookies & Milk for Santa, Carrots for the Reindeer.
Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?
When I was little the tradition was that we got up, opened our bags from Santa, went to Church, ate the LONGEST lunch ever, then opened family gifts.  Now that we're grown up and have Kai we go to the Saturday Children's mass and then open our gifts Christmas morning before heading off to the Grandparents. 
Do you prefer to shop on-line or at the mall?
The mall!!  I love walking around, listening to the music, seeing other shoppers, and leaving with something in my hands.  I only shop on-line if I know exactly what I want and can't find it in stores.

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