Friday, December 2, 2011

Guessing Game

Guess what we did yesterday...
no, we're not sorting toys
Need a closer look? 
A select few!

Yep, those are cookie cutters.  And yes I have a massive tub of cookie cutters. :)
You never know what shape you'll need so it's best to have them all! lol!

But back to what we did...we made cookies!

I used this recipe with Sucanant instead of white sugar, and Almond Extract instead of Vanilla, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter instead of a vegan spread (gotta' use what you have).

And one of the best parts is that since there's no egg or anything you can feel good about "tasting" the dough repeatably (I bet this would be a perfect cookie recipe for Kai when she gets her Christmas present this year...An Easy Bake Oven!)

And then to finish them off we painted on some Ricemellow Cream and added some Christmas sprinkles.

nibble, nibble, nibble
Cutting shapes - all that play-doh practice has come in handy!  :)
Into the oven they go...
I may not have a fancy salt n' pepper shaker but I do have an
AWESOME oven mitt. :)
I'm sad to say that over the course of the day Kai and I ate ALL the cookies.  The Hubs had 1 measly cookie and we ate the rest!  Since it appears that neither of us (Kai and me) have ANY self control around these cookies they're going to have to be a special occasion treat. :)

But happily we ate more than just cookies yesterday.

Breakfast has looked the exact same all week!  Oatmeal made with Almond milk & water topped with cinnamon, chia seeds, chopped dates, pumpkin seeds and pomegranate seeds.  You'd think I'd get tired of eating the exact same meal but when it's that good why change it?

Well, I'll tell you why, because you'll eventually run out of ingredients.  I'm now out of pepitas (pumpkin seeds).  I guess I need to go shopping soon.  I need my little bundles of zinc & iron.

Lunch was a rerun of the day before...left over tomato soup...with a side of cookies. :)

Dinner was supposed to be the Hubs making quesadillas but Kai wanted scrambled eggs.  It was all she could talk about so we switched things up and went with Breakfast-for-Dinner.

My "scrambled eggs" included sauteing an onion and chopped carrots, then adding chopped spinach and a scrambled egg and then topping that with some chopped sweet pepper.

Upon seeing MY scramble the Hubs decided he'd rather have an omelet and Kai jumped on board.  So he made a big one with bacon and cheese for them to split (Lord knows I cannot make an omelet - any time I've tried it's turned into scrambled eggs. lol!)

In addition to our egg dishes I made us some hash browns.  Sweet potato for Kai and myself and red potato for the Hubs.

My plate. :)
And how did I make the hash browns?  Well I used my George Forman Grill!!  I saw how Chelsey used her waffle iron to make hers and decided my GF Grill should work equally well.  And it did!  As my dad would say, Score one for the good guys! :)

Just about done and in no time at all!

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