Friday, January 6, 2012

A day without Almond Milk

Do you know what I used in EVERY breakfast I make?  I use Almond Milk.  I use it in smoothies, I use it in oatmeal, I use it on top of pumpkin puree, I even use it when I make scrambled eggs.  But I'm out of Almond Milk. :(

So yesterday's breakfast stumped me at first.  What to make?  What to make? Hummmm  Finally I decided to use the previous nights left overs to make... A breakfast wrap. :)

Left over tofu with spinach, tomato, sweet pepper and nutritional yeast in a warmed whole grain wrap...

AND it was surprisingly filling.

So now I happily have an Almond-Milk-Free breakfast I can turn to next time I run out.  Yeah!!

Yesterday I also went into the office.  That's twice in one week!!  Unheard of!  BUT everyone else went to the Promotional Product's trade show in Las Vegas so I'm making the drive to get the mail, answer the phone, and organize some stuff while everyone else is gone.

The best part of driving to West Lafayette for work?  I get to meet up with one of my bestest friends for lunch!!  Yeah!!

And since the Pizza Hut Buffet is situated directly between our respective offices we met up there.

In no way do I think Pizza Hut Buffet is a healthy dining option but, OMG, it's so good!! :)

My lunch looked like this...

Started out with a salad

Then I got some pizza (I picked off most of the olives - yuck!)

And then another salad

And finally, one more piece of pizza and some cinnamon sticks for dessert.

Tee-Hee, I tend to over do buffets!  I could have continued eating pizza well into the afternoon but after 4 slices, 2 salads and 2 dessert sticks I thought I should probably stop.  After all, it wasn't like I was going to be going home to take a nap after I ate.  I had to go back to work.

Later in the afternoon I had a pear and then on the drive home I finished off some popcorn that I had packed as a snack.

By the time we ate dinner I really wasn't very hungry.  AND I was still out of Almond Milk.  :(

So dinner was the last (can you tell we need to hit the grocery store) of the pumpkin topped with a spoonful of yogurt, chia seeds and what is almost the last of the gingerbread granola.

The rest of the evening I spent watching TV and reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I think I must be the last person to read this series!  And I've gotten very mixed reviews on it.  People either think it's terribly slow or they can't get enough.  I'm actually pretty into it.  I really want to know who killed Harriet but the Hubs has only seen the Swedish movie and he either doesn't remember or doesn't want to tell me.  I'm also a little surprised at how little Lisbeth (the namesake of the book) has been in it so far.  I'm about half way through so I'm assuming her story is going to collide with the murder investigation soon. :)

So one more day and we're going to be spending major $$ at the grocery.  The list of food that I've run out of is getting REALLY long!

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