Monday, January 30, 2012

Have a Super Day!

I must have heard "Have a Super Day" about 100 times on Sunday!  If you don't know by now, Indy is hosting the Super Bowl this year so the city's going all out.   As locals we wanted to get in on the fun before all the Bowl Fans showed up from around the country.  So yesterday we put on all the warm clothes we could muster and headed out.

We parked at the Indy Zoo (where we have memberships) and then walked over the canal.  This has got to be one of the most beautiful walks in town.  If you're ever in Indy you should definitely go on a canal walk! There are sculptures and views that just can't be matched!

Running past one of the sculptures on the bridge.
Lions Colts, and Tigers Giants, and Bears Patriots... Oh My!

Kai stopped to check out some ducks.
Grammy points something out to Kai
We walked by the Eiteljorg Museum
which means we got to check out the jumping deer.

As we walked toward the center of town the Super Bowl frenzy started to ramp up.

There's no doubt about what Event is in town!

Even the "New 5 Star Hotel" is dressed up

Kai still gets excited about seeing puppies out and about.
First stop was the Circle...
The Roman Numerals on the Circle

NFL Indy Cars line the street

Kai liked the Dolphin...but decided she didn't want her picture taken.
Then we headed over to Georgia Street where The Super Bowl Village is...

One of several stages...Kai LOVED the concert music!

Looking down Georgia Street.

There's Elmo!!  Kai got shy though so we stuck to the background. lol!

The "Pacer's" Field House...
They just changed the building name this year
and I can't remember what it's called. :)
When Kai started to cry because her fingers were cold and hurt we knew it was time to visit The Huddle for some Hot Cocoa!
making silly faces

they put the HOT in hot cocoa!

Yes, we were drinking the hot cocoa with a spoon.
Then we headed back out to see what else was around...
Lifting Kai to see the Ice Sculpture.

The Ice Sculpture.

Decorated buildings...

No space was left un-adorned!
Heading towards the NFL Experience

There goes a zipliner.
Finally we headed indoors for the NFL Experience.  It was $25 a person ($20 for Kai) but there was a LOT to do inside.  Definitely a good value if you have the $$$. :)

posing again

My parents pose

There was NO LINE at the Titans guy so we stopped
for a photo opt in honor of Great Uncle Bill. ;)

Walking around indoors

That's a LOT of Superbowl rings.

The prettiest one. :D

A serious line to see the Lombardy Trophy but since it toured
Indy after the Colts won we skipped that line.

Still got a photo though thanks to Grammy's zoom lens!

Stopped for a Pretzel with Cheese
So that's what I'd look like as a Colt...

I think the Colts outfit fits her much better than the Titans!

Clearly it's been a long day when one more photo shoot leads to tears!
After leaving the "Experience" we decided to find a place to eat...
Where do we go??

Looking down another street.

We decided on the Indianapolis Colts Grill...
I'm not sure what was going on but we all have rather odd looks
on our faces!!

Veggie Burger (kinda mushy but tasted GREAT), fries (Standard)
and a Salad with Strawberry Cilantro dressing
(the BEST part of the meal - I dipped everything in the dressing!)
 Finally we headed back to the car.

One more shot of the hotel, all lit up.

Back over the bridge.

Grammy's still taking photos!!

And that was our day.  There was so much more to do but we ran out of time.  As it was Kai got to bed about an hour past bed time!  If parking was more convenient/cheaper I'd probably go back every evening. :)

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  1. What a great photo shoot with super comments about what you were doing! I felt like I was there with you all!