Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty Pictures - psych!

Are you ready for some pretty pictures today?  Well, sorry to disappoint but after loading them today I realize how really awful they all were!  Half eaten, really odd angles, and lots of background clutter - but hey, it is what it is. :)

Breakfast for Kai and I was left over Un-Stuffed Mushrooms and we split a banana & orange...

I was about half way done when I thought to grab my camera!

Lunch was some DELICIOUS Tomato & White Bean Soup with avocado as a topping and a grilled cheese & spinach sandwich on the side.

Don't worry - in real life it sat perfectly flat and wasn't about to spill. :)

When the Hubs got home he asked if I had a lot of work to do.  I told him I had actually just wrapped everything up so until I started getting replies I was free.  He suggested going to YoguLatte!!!  My first question was "what are you buttering me up for?"  He called me paranoid and said he was just trying to be nice.  I chose to play along. lol!

Once there I discovered they still had Eggnog flavored yogurt.  I was so excited.  I kept seeing the flavor pop up on Facebook and have been wanting to try it but was afraid that since Christmas was over they'd replace it.  Into my bowl went Eggnog/Cheesecake swirl and that was topped with blackberries, cherries, blueberries, mango and mochi.  I have no idea what mochi actually are but I get them all the same. :)

The Eggnog flavor was good (it's frozen yogurt - it would take a REALLY tragedy to make it bad) but Original (tart) is still my favorite.  At least that's my favorite at YoguLatte.  I think Coconut is my favorite at Orange Leaf...Maybe someday YoguLatte will make a coconut flavor.  Oh man, just thinking about it makes my mouth water!!
Look at that - another funny angle!
Not only did we get Frozen Yogurt but the Hubs made dinner.  He always makes the Quesadillas when we have them and that was what was on tonight's dinner plan. :)

Unfortunately last weekend when we hit up the grocery store they were out of the tortillas we normally buy so we got Spinach Tortillas.  Now I'm a fan of all things spinach but these were just awful. :(

BUT the filling and fact that I had Salsa to dip them in made up for it.  Inside mine was black beans, sweet pepper, mushroom, cheese and green onion.  At least as much mushroom and sweet pepper that was left after Kai got to my chopped piles.  She REALLY likes raw mushrooms and peppers. lol!
In the background...
Some Kai artwork, My cup of water,
the Sunday crossword I've been working on all week and the Hub's Queso.

I mentioned in the "caption" that I had a cup of water.  This is a new goal of mine.  I can't really call it a New Year's Resolution because I only thought of it recently and it seems like it would be a silly resolution to me.  Basically I realized the other evening that I hadn't really had anything to drink all day.  When it's really cold I drink a lot of Hot Tea and when it's really hot I drink a lot of ice water but in that in between time nothing sounds particularly good.  So I am now making a conscience effort to drink more water.  It's been about 2 days and so far so good.  Hopefully I can keep it up. :)

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