Saturday, January 28, 2012

One for the Money

What a crazy couple of days it's been.   Nothing really memorable as far as eats go but good times none the less.

Thursday the Hub's car was FINALLY ready to be picked up from the shop.  Way back in November someone drove into the back of him less than a block from our house.  The insurance companies finally got things worked out and on Monday we took his car down to the Southside to get all fixed up.  It was supposed to be ready on Wed, then on Thursday by lunch, then by 4:30...they close at 5.  So my WONDERFUL parents drove us down to pick it up and sure enough, at 4:30 it was ready.  Yeah!!

Since we were already down there we went to a mexican place for dinner that the Hubs often eats at for lunch.  It was in Fountain Square.  I've never actually been to Fountain Square but about a week ago I got a Save the Date from an old friend who's reception is going to be in Fountain Square.  And then yesterday I found out that my cousin is going to start prettying people Fountain Square.  I'm suddenly seeing Fountain Square everywhere I go.  Crazy!

Friday morning started off with pancakes....

I mixed 1/3 C Cottage Cheese, 1/3 C oatmeal, a spoonful of ground Flax Seed, pinch of Baking Powder, Cinnamon, 1/2 pinch of salt and a spoonful of pumpkin puree in my Ninja.  Then I added an egg and pulsed until it was all combined.  Then I stirred in Almond Milk to get a nice batter consistency. :)

Once they were cooked up I topped them with chia seeds, Sliced (frozen) banana, pomegranate, raisins and a small drizzle of Agave Nectar.  When I put Kai's plate in front of her she clapped with joy.  Apparently it's been a while since we've had pancakes.  lol!!

We ate, I dropped Kai off at school, and then I headed out to meet up with my coworkers at a Trade Show on the North side.  After walking the show and finding some new products that I love we ended the trip with lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  (YUMMY)

I got the Salad Bar (of course, why would you go and not get the salad bar??) Plus 3 Sides - Zucchini, Green Beans and a Baked Potato.  The Baked Potato went to my coworker and I easily packed away all the zucchini, green beans and 3 (!!) full plates from the salad bar.  

I LOVE Ruby Tuesdays. :)

If you haven't noticed yet, Friday nights tend to be "date nights" for the Hubs and me.  We take Kai to his parents and then we get something to eat and see a movie.   Last night we decided to see One for the Money.  

My in-laws turn me on to the Stephanie Plum books and I read 1-17 VERY quickly and was looking forward to the  movie. After seeing the previews I started to question the casting.  Not that I don't like Katherine Heigl, Knocked Up was a GREAT movie, but she wasn't what I pictured at all when I was reading the books.  AND THEN Groupon had a deal where you could get the tickets for $6 each.  I jumped all over that and we were all set.

First dinner...

We went to Panera Bread.  We ordered, I took the cups and the Hubs went to find our seats.  I filled up my water and his Mountain Dew but couldn't find the lids or straws.  I seriously looked and saw nothing so I figured we could just drink out of them like a normal glass.  Seriously, we're adults, do we really need lids and straws?

Apparently we do because the Hubs gave me a "what the hell" look and got up to go get lids, straws and fill his cup up more (I didn't fill it up to the brim).  I was then told that I am no longer the "drink girl".  Well good riddance - it was a stupid job anyway. :)

He came back a few moments later with the lids and straws and then started mocking me about how they were right above where you fill the eye level.  OK, there is no such thing as eye level!  Some of us are shorter so "eye level" becomes look up and who looks up to find lids and straws??  Like I said, good riddance to that stupid job! 

But the Hubs mocking miffed me so I told him that I'd catch him eating/drinking in all my dinner pictures. lol!

We got a free cinnamon roll thanks to my Panera Card. :)

The Hubs enjoyed his sandwich & soup.

And I enjoyed my Veggie Pesto soup and Med. Veggie Sandwich + Apple

Finally it was time to go see the movie.

We got there and bought our tickets and were warned that the theater was pretty full.  We wound up having to sit up in the front on the flat part (not in the stadium seats).  I guess 1/2 priced tickets on Groupon sell well!

The movie was just plain awful!  I wanted to like it but everyone was just SO OVER THE TOP.  I expected that from Grandma and Lula but not from everyone else.  Katherine Heigl was bad.  It was one of those movies where you start to laugh because it's so bad.  But hey, we got to see it for 1/2 price...Maybe there's a reason it was sold on Groupon?  I will say that Joe Morelli was likable.  I'm calling him the saving grace of the movie. :)

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