Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Restaurant and a Lasagna

 Ahhh, Remember how on top of things I was on Saturday?  Yeah, all that is in the past. lol!

Sunday night Kai started coughing and didn't stop.  It wasn't croup but it was a consistent coughing.  So Kai and I were up most of the night. :(

I wound up keeping her home from school in the hopes that she'd get a little sleep but she's just not into sleep.  The ignorance of youth!  By mid afternoon she was no longer coughing and my nieces were visiting my parents so we headed over there for some play.  Regardless of how she was feeling, I was tired.  So I took some more time off from blogging.  Now I'm back and ready to tell you all about the new restaurant we ate at and the other eats from this weekend. :)

First the new place we tried...

Riviera Maya Bar & Grill

I know what you're thinking..."What? Emily going out for Mexican food?  Seriously?" lol!  But what can I say?  I LOVE Chips and Salsa. :D

The inside was very "themed"...

In addition to the chips and salsa, the Hubs got nachos and a taco and Kai and I split a vegetarian quesadilla with a side of rice & refried beans.

And how was the food?

Well Kai really enjoyed it...

And the Hubs finished all of his plate!

Yes, Kai was hamming it up!

And she really did like the food...

In fact she gave it a thumbs up!

My opinion was that the salsa was a little blander than I like but since I ate everything that was put in front of me it couldn't have been that bad.  My quesadilla was one of the best I've had!!  It was FULL of veggies. :) The rice and beans were just so-so - not bad but not the best.  Over all, I'd eat there again.  We all had a good time. :D

Other eats throughout the weekend included a green smoothie...

And popcorn trail mix + kale (popcorn, raisins, sunflower seeds, kale & nutritional yeast)....

And LOTS of hot tea.  I've been so cold!!

We also had a repeat of the pizza we had on New Years.

And of course I've had oatmeal...

And at my mom's yesterday we all sat down to some Cabbage soup, mac & cheese and veggies.  Does cabbage soup make anyone else think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? lol!

It was delicious and after heating my bowl of soup I polished off ALL the veggies.  Literally, all the veggies. I kept refilling my plate until there were none left. :)

Family reunion!!!
And finally last night I had a delicious lasagna that I found here.  It was SO GOOD!!  I highly recommend making it to EVERYONE out there. :)

I made a half batch (well, actually I made a full batch of sauce but everything else was a half batch, lol!)

Plus, bean & spinach spread

Layered with the veggies.
oh, and the Hubs had a piece of chicken.

Ok, definitely not going to win any beauty awards...
It's possible that I had a bit too much sauce...
but boy was it good.
Of course I topped it with nutritional yeast!
And then everything was finished off with some peach soft serve....

1 frozen banana + some frozen peach

Blend until smooth!

Topped with cinnamon & pomegranate


  1. We ate at Riviera Maya Saturday night. It took over 2.75 hours. We waited 20 minutes for our waters and drinks. Granted there were 6 of us but still! We all ate what we ordered and seemed to be content enough with our choices. I agree about the salsa.

    1. Wow, we had no wait at all - but we went for a late lunch so the place was pretty empty. I think "content enough" is a good description. My quesadilla saved the meal because I really liked it but was kinda disappointed with everything else I had.