Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Girl... Books and Stir Fry Madness

Sorry about not posting anything yesterday but I didn't have any photos or great stories from Tuesday's meals and I figured no post was better than a post without text/photos.  I basically had Oatmeal for breakfast, ate out with a girl friend for lunch (El Rodeo in West Lafayette) and then ate my left over Enchiladas for dinner.  See, without any photos the entire post would have been one sentence!  :)

But yesterday I did do something worth mentioning.  I finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series...

My opinion on the books?   The first one I thought was oddly titled.  To me the story wasn't so much about Lisbeth; and due to some misinformation from the Hubs I didn't see the end coming at all. :)

The second book was easily my favorite.  I REALLY enjoyed it.  I found that kind of odd, since usually I'm really into the first book and then they seem to go down hill.

Then the third book I struggled with.  When it was telling the characters' stories I liked it.  But then there were chapters that dealt with the Swedish government and secret sects and I was completely lost.  Once I got past the new names, places and govt' organization I was totally able to get into it. :)

Over all I liked the series.  My friend (who I borrowed the books from) told me that the author actually had notes for a fourth book (which I'm certain would deal with Lisbeth's mystery twin sister) but there's a battle over who has the rights to the notes so we'll probably never know.  :(

Now I want to go see the movie!  Has anyone seen it yet?  Did you like it?

Between finishing the book I ate breakfast (oatmeal), took Kai to school and got some work done, picked Kai up and visited my sister's mother-in-law who was watching my nieces so we could have a play date for the girls.  The girls played and we all had lunch.  She made chicken salad, hummus, cut veggies, deli meats & cheese and had bread & crescent rolls to make sandwiches.  I made an amazing sandwich using a crescent roll with cucumber, carrots, green peppers, tomato and humus.  Then for dessert we had some homemade chocolate chip cookies!  We were treated well! :)

Eventually nap time rolled around and I had work e-mails piling up so we headed home.  :(

As dinner time approached we talked and talked about trying out a new Mexican restaurant that just opened somewhat near us, but in the end we decided to just stay home. 

I started by making up some noodles - I used the last from the boxes of our penne & rigatoni. :)

For the Hubs & Kai I just added spaghetti sauce and some mozzarella.  For me, I went on a stir-fry frenzy. :)

Into the pan went red onion, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, kale, tomato, sweet peppers and the noodles.  When they were just about done I added balsamic vinaigrette and some red wine.  Then I served it on my plate with nutritional yeast and some sprouts.

It. Was. Delish.

And I ate every last drop!

And then for dessert Kai and I had "Pink Soft Serve", aka frozen banana, frozen mix berry and some almond milk blended until smooth like ice cream... and then topped with pomegranate. :)

The perfect ending to a well eaten meal! lol!

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