Saturday, January 14, 2012

So much going on...

Guess what's back in the breakfast rotation?

It's Oatmeal!!!

Ah, my warm, filling friend.  It's been a while...I'm so glad you're back. :)

 Friday I enjoyed my oatmeal with chia seeds, cinnamon, raisins, apricots and pomegranate.

Saturday I had it with chia seeds, cinnamon, Blackberry whipped honey, apple chunks and....

Wait for it....

Coconut Whip!!

Did I tell you I bought a "whipper" for myself with Christmas money?  It's great.  You can fill it with cream if you want but I choose to use coconut milk.  Just pour a can in, charge it and then squirt.


I also used it on to of some Chai Tea.  I also tried to sprinkle the top with some cinnamon and make a heart...

Yep, fancy drink Fail...I'll never get a job as a barista. lol!

Yesterday (Friday) was also Kai's first play date with a classmate.  She was so excited to go.  The Hubs and I took the opportunity to go to Menard's and check out counter tops.  They have some in their add for $18 per linear foot (High Res Laminate).  We measured our Baby-Blue stained counter tops and were guessing it would be around $250.  We were wrong!  VERY wrong!!

When you add the cost of cuts, inserts, kits, side pieces, etc it was going to be closer to $750.

We're not getting new counter tops.

After my dreams of pretty new counter tops was dashed we headed over to Panera and got dinner.  I was so looking forward to some Black Bean Soup.  I LOVE their black bean soup when it's cold out.

Black Bean Soup was not on the menu yesterday. :(

So instead I got the Veggie Pesto soup (delicious) and 1/2 a Veggie Mediterranean and an apple (a very BAD apple, I'm guessing it had been in the bowl a LONG time)....

Then I was offered a FREE dessert because I had earned enough points with my Panera card.  YEAH!!!

I very kindly shared my Apple treat with the Hubs.

I'm such a nice person.  I could VERY easily have eaten the whole thing by myself. :)

For tonight's dinner we got pizza.  The Hubs noticed a Pizza Hut Delivery at our neighbors the other day and got excited.  For years Pizza Hut hasn't delivered to our neighborhood but that's apparently changed.  He's been wanting pizza ever since so tonight we got one.

I made myself a salad to start things out...

Spinach, Carrots, Mushrooms, Sweet Peppers, Sprouts
Pomegranate, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil & Honey

Then I had some of the Veggie-Only side of the pizza (after I picked off the Black Olives).

I also got a few other things this week/weekend...

I finished painting the "Boilermaker Specials" onto the Corn Hole boards we made.  For Christmas we made & finished boards for both our parents...and then made a set for ourselves.  Unfortunately since we were sick leading up to and on Christmas day I didn't get our set finished.  My new goal is to have ours done before 1/25/12.  I'm definitely on track.  All that's left are some touch-ups and then to varnish them. :)

I went to Georgetown Market - my go-to store where I find the foods I can't find at Target and I discovered they no longer carry my Ricemellow.  I'm totally bummed about it.  There's a Whole Foods about 30 minutes away that I've never been to but I may have to make a run there sometime. :(

One of my favorite features of our cable was that it had Video On Demand exercises.  But this week I discovered that the FitTV or Exercise TV no longer exists.  That was the source of my Yoga so once again I was bummed.  Then the Hubs suggested I check our Streaming Netflix.  I'm still trying out a few different videos but I think this is going to make an OK substitute.  Hooray, for the Hub's bright idea!!

I also cooked up & froze a bag of black beans - I'm still craving that Panera Black Bean Soup so I'm planning to make some tomorrow. :)

I opened & froze 3 Pomegranates ($1 each at Target!!) for snacking on.

I've realized that I have extremely limited knowledge of other countries and should probably be more cultured.  When the Hub's told me that his new co-worker is from Puerto Rico I realized that 90% of my knowledge of Puerto Rico I learned from West Side Story.  Probably not the most accurate source of information..."Always the hurricanes blowing, Always the populations growing..."

And I'm now I've started The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and I STILL get completely lost in the characters' names.  Some have bubbles above them and, I kid you not, 2 of the names are Niedermann & Nieminen.  My brain does NOT see the difference between those 2 names without some serious focus. The other half of the names in the book start with a "B".  It would also be helpful to have a map of the area.  I'm basically ignoring everything I was taught in Grade School and just reading and hoping I'll figure out the government structure and landscape and whatnot once I'm farther in. :)

Finally, Can anyone out there explain Tebowing to me?  I really don't get it.  I understand he's a QB but that's as far as it goes.  The Hubs has tried to tell me what he's about a couple times and I just nod and smile because what else can I do?

AND that's how my weekend's shaping up. :D

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