Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Special Breakfast & Enchilada Dinner

I'm assuming you all know that yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means that Kai didn't have school.  No school meant the possibility of sleeping in (didn't happen) and an extra special breakfast. :)

In fact we had an indoor picnic breakfast.


And what did we have for this extra special breakfast?  Just watch...

Cookie Cuttered Bread...

Toasted on stove top with an egg inside...

Plus half an orange and strawberry jelly on the inner-heart;
and some chocolate milk.
 Kai and I rocked our breakfast!! :)

One of the first things we did when breakfast was finished was play our new game.  She's completely hooked on it...but the cheating has definitely begun.  There's been some peaking to get the "action" she really wants.  Apparently she'd rather Spin-Jump or Flap-Her-Wings than Walk.  Go figure!

We painted a bit, played ponies, watched a movie and soon enough it was lunch time.

We both had Acorn Squash with cinnamon and Terra Root Chips.  Then Kai had a jelly sandwich and I had a spinach salad.  Lunch was also enjoyed picnic style!  I'm not sure what it is about eating on the floor but Kai's much more likely to finish a meal there! :)

Then I had a kitchen failure. :(

Over the weekend the Hubs was out and about so he stopped by Whole Foods to see if he could get me some Ricemellow.  Turns out that you can't get it in Indianapolis!!!  I'm not sure if it's gone across the state, or the whole country, or what, but unless I'm willing to pay shipping and buy it on-line I'm not getting it. :(

So what's a girl to do?  I decided I'd try and make my own.  Hey, I made my own French Bread!

SO not a good idea.  I tried.  I really, really did.

I bought Vegan Gelatin.  I brought my sweeteners to boil and TRIED to get them to 235° (once it hit 225° it never went any higher).  I mixed everything together.  And I mixed.  And I mixed.  

It never fluffed up.  I now have a thick Brown-Rice Syrup Concoction in the fridge.  I'm sure I'll have a use for it...someday. lol!

On the other hand, dinner was NOT a failure last night.  Both the Hubs and I loved it! :D

I made Enchiladas.  Or at least that's what I'm calling them.  I don't know if there are any actual rules to calling something an enchilada. :)

I started with 2 pots which included...

The Vegetarian Pot:
1/3 brick of Neufchatel Cheese (Cream Cheese)
1 C Cooked Lentils
4 Chopped Sweet Peppers
1 C Chopped Spinach
1/3 C Salsa
1/4 Onion - chopped
1/8 C Chopped Mushroom

The Chicken Pot:
1/3 Brick Neufchatel Cheese (Cream Cheese)
1/3 C Salsa
1/3 C Cooked Pulled Chicken
4 Chopped Sweet Peppers

They were heated and stirred until it all blended together.

Then I simply spooned it into some tortillas, rolled them up and placed them in a casserole dish.  It turned out that I only had 3 tortillas left so the Hubs made an emergency tortilla run. :)

My Veggie tortillas are the three green ones and then the one to the left.  The Hubs got the three on the right.  Hey, without the extra "fillings" there just isn't as much to scoop. :)

They were topped with some Nutritional Yeast and the rest of the Salsa.

Then I baked them at 350° for about 10 minutes.

It's not often that the Hubs and I both enjoy a dish.  Usually one of us really likes it and the other is kinda iffy on it.  I have a feeling this one will be popping up on the menu again. :D