Saturday, January 21, 2012

A weekend 3D!

Ok, it's not really in 3D so don't go digging out your 3D glasses...

It's the weekend, it's morning, and I'm blogging.  Look at me, being all productive! :)

Well, productive as long as it doesn't require leaving the house.  We REALLY need to go to the grocery but  it's cold and snowy/icy out.  And I'm pretty sure the Hubs & Kai are still in their jammas...not that I'm complaining.  When Kai woke at 7 this morning the Hubs jumped out of bed and took her down stairs so I could REALLY sleep in.  Then I got up, watched some TV, did some yoga and am blogging.  All in complete peace.  I love my little girl but sometimes the silence is beautiful. :)

Anyway, need proof of how much we need to go buy food?

We're out of eggs and oatmeal.  My go-to breakfast is eggs or oatmeal. 

But hey, I do have Almond Milk. :)

Yesterday's breakfast was some pumpkin topped with chia seeds, ground flax, cinnamon, almond milk and some of Thursday's muffin cookies.  YUM!!

If you want to get a kid excited about breakfast just give them "cookies".  Kai asked me twice if it was ok!  Possibly still concerned about me going to jail?  Or just worried about Daddy finding out and getting mad? lol!

As usual, after school we had lunch.  Kai wanted a Jelly Sandwich, and ONLY a jelly sandwich.  She made it quite clear she did not want ANYTHING else on her plate...

Well too bad!  I'm the mom and I decide that a jelly sandwich is not enough. :)

In addition to the jelly sandwich she had an orange and nuked cauliflower & edamame.

Thought I'd show you what the sandwich looks like when I make it...
Whole Grain break with Fruit Spread (Just fruit, no extra ingredients),
topped with nutritional yeast and ground flax seed.

Here's the after-lunch shot of the-little-girl-who-wanted-ONLY-a-jelly-sandwich's plate after lunch.

She ate all but half the orange.  See I was right.  She loves her veggies and I knew if I put them on the plate she'd eat them.  I win. :)

As for my lunch, I had my left over tortilla soup...

Topped with Avocado, Sprouts, Nutritional Yeast and chips....

Still Delicious!

Then we did nothing remarkable all afternoon.  Kai and I played with her ponies, then she played My Little Pony on-line, then we watched Beauty and the Beast "not the normal one" (ie Not the Disney version, it was one I found on Netflix that she likes) and in general just hung around.

Finally the Hubs came home, our friend Tom arrived, and we headed out to go see a movie.  Kai was dropped off at Nana & Papa's and we headed Downtown.

Since the movie we were seeing was only showing in 3D at the theatre we normally go to we went to Circle Center Mall instead, which means we hit up the food court for dinner.  I got a Mediterranean Tofu Burrito, the Hubs got Taco Bell and our friend Tom got food from the Japanese stand. 

I gotta say, my Burrito was REALLY good.  I was shocked at how heavy it was...and then I ate it all.  When it's that good, you just don't want to stop. Inside was rice, tofu, black beans, roasted red pepper & tomato, a vinaigrette sauce and cucumber.  :)

After our meals I wanted dessert.  The Haagen Dazs had self serve frozen yogurt and we all know I'm a sucker for self-serve so that's what I got.  It was ok, but in no way was it comparable to Yogulatte or Orange Leaf.  

Then it was finally time to go see the movie.  

We went up and bought our tickets for Underworld Awakening, and surprise, they handed us our 3D glasses.  I guess you can only see it in 3D?  This was only my second time seeing a 3D movie so I'm still kinda a goof about it.  I kept peaking under my glasses to see what it looked like without them. lol!

But hey, I think I can pull off the 3D glasses look!...

Oh yeah, I'm styling!
So how was the movie?  I actually really liked it.  I spent the first third of it trying to figure out where I'd seen the daughter before.  She's the little sister in the TV show Secret Life of the American Teenager.  I don't watch that one (even though it's on ABC Family) so it took me a long time to place her.  The boys thought it was gorier than the previous ones but I think they were all gory.  In the end it's just Kate Beckinsale being bad ass.  If you like seeing women kick butt in EXTREMELY formfitting outfits you'll like this movie.  lol!

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