Friday, September 23, 2011

Making Chips

Have you noticed I've been on a smoothie kick lately?  I don't know if it's the fall weather (Yes!!  I can finally call it Fall!!!) or what but they're so quick and easy...and I can take it on the go with me.  

But I still need it to be good and filling so I always start out by putting my 'oatmeal' into the blender and let it sit in the fridge while I prep for the day... 1/4C oats, 1/4C water, 1/4C almond milk, & 1 T Chia seeds.

Then, to make my Green Smoothie,  I added:
1/2 frozen banana
1/4 Avocado
Big handful of spinach - very big :)
more milk to thin it out so I could actually get it through the straw. lol!

and blended it all together.

It was nice and creamy.  Just what I needed. :)

After breakfast, and catching up on some work, I decided I needed to deal with some of my apples.  I already have cider in the fridge, as well as apple butter.  What to do...what to do?


Out came my favorite veggie slicer and the dehydrator.

3 Apples later my dehydrator was full (only 3 apples!)

Sprinkled with some DIY pumpkin pie spice*
2 T Cinnamon
1 T Nutmeg
1 T Ginger
1/2 T Cloves

Or you can just buy it in the store, but I've never been able to find it and mixing it yourself is just as easy. :)
A few hours later and they're all crisped up.

Close up of the tastiness!
Lunch was left over rice + heated up California Veggie Mix + Nutritional Yeast with a Peach on the side.

After the Apple Chips were done I thought, "why not keep going since I had everything out?"

So out came a beet & a sweet potato - both peeled & then sliced...

A few hours later and I had more chips!

So pretty!
Dinner was soup...  Sauteed Veggies, Kidney Beans & Broth. :)

And a Fancy Dessert...

Pumpkin topped with coconut whip* with chips to decorate
*You can find different versions of Coconut Whip all over the place but here's what I do:

1 can full fat coconut milk
3 T Organic Sucanat
1 t vanilla

Open the can of coconut milk & set in the fridge so that it can thicken up.
Scoop out the meaty part/drain the liquid.  (Use the liquid in smoothies, soups, etc...)
Put the 3T of Organic Sucanat in a coffee grinder & grind.  It will become a powdered sugar.
Whip the vanilla, Sucanat powder & coconut meat.  
And you're done! That simple.  It just melts in your mouth!  
Just store left overs in the fridge.  :)

The Hubs & Kai had Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner.  
I sauteed veggies - onion, carrot & celery - in a pot.
I added the frozen chicken broth from when I cooked up the chicken in the crock pot.
I added a pouch of frozen chicken.
Once it was all boiling I added some store bought noodles & a bit more water.
When the noodles were done we all ate. :)

And remember that jar of Dessert Humus from yesterday?...

Yep, it's all gone.  

Technically it was more than 24 hours so that's ok, right? :)

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