Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner with 1/2 the ingredients

Last night nothing sounded particularly good for dinner.  But the hubs had left over BBQ Pork from the weekend so we decided to Frankenstein dinner from what ever was around.  I decided to make broccoli & cous-cous for Kai and myself.  It's super quick & easy and Kai LOVES it - win, win, win. :)

I actually discovered this dish when visiting my sister.  She made it and Kai ate it all.  Seriously, she ate all of it off her plate (who is this kid?).  Then she asked for more!?! (ok, really, where's my daughter)  Then she ate all of that!!  This is behavior usually reserved for cake or cookies.  Not a nutritious meal.  Since then I've made it numerous times and always with success.  If only the hubs enjoyed it as much as we do... oh well, you can't please everyone.

So last night I got 1.5 cups of water on the stove, added a bunch of frozen broccoli and some torn up kale leaves (If I'm making it you know it's going to have Kale or Spinach in it) and got it to boiling.  Then I went to grab my cous-cous and discovered I had MAYBE 1/2  a cup...I needed a full cup.  Crap!!!  

Well, cous-cous and quinoa look kinda the same so I filled up the rest of the cup with Quinoa and held my breath that Kai wouldn't notice.  

The result...Success!!  She still loved it & it's a good thing because I have plenty left over for lunch. 

I'm a happy mom!!

Our Dinner:
Hubs - BBQ Pork Sandwich with pickled hot peppers (I did that!!) & hot sauce.
Me & Kai - Broccoli-Kale Quinoa-Cous-Cous Concoction

All of us - Asst'd raw veggies, Spinach Lime Humus (ok Hubs didn't have that - He's not a fan of humus without garlic) and some home-made Greek yogurt with Agava Nectar drizzle. 


(NOTE: I do plan to start using my actual camera and not my phone, but the memory card is full.  Someday I'll get that taken care of. lol!)

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