Thursday, September 6, 2012

Almost Forgot, but not quite!

Man, I was just walking around and suddenly realized, I never posted today!  That's how it starts too.  You forget to post one day and think oh well, I'll just cover everything tomorrow.  And then tomorrow comes and it seems like there's so much to edit so you put it off and then Bam! You're gone for days.  Not this time.  :)

Yesterday was full of some standard eats for me/us...

BREAKFAST:  a nuked muffin from the freezer and a nuked egg with spinach and nutritional yeast stirred in.

LUNCH:  Black Bean Soup topped with avocado.

 Which I enjoyed with some tortilla chips.

Once I finished the soup I grabbed the bag of chips and finished those off too.  I KNOW better than to bring the bag out of the kitchen.  I have no self control!

Then I also enjoyed an apple.  Is anyone else looking forward to fall and going to the orchards? :)

Once Kai got home I agreed to set up the karaoke machine.  She's been begging me but I've been holding off since she can't read yet and it just becomes frustrating.  BUT not this time.  We did Girls Just Want to Have Fun a few times because she knows that song, and then it turns out she LOVES Pat Benatar's Hit Me with Your Best Shot.  Neither of us can sing worth a lick but we do like to pretend.  :)

AND I went ahead a ordered a new CD...Party Tyme Karaoke: Super Hits 17 which has Call me Maybe, We are Young, and a few others that she loves to sing along to in the car.  I'm thinking this is going to be a spectacular CD!!  The poor, poor Hubs is going to have many nights of off key singing in his future.

DINNER:  the Hubs ordered Pizza.  He got his standard meaty pizza and I got Veggie, extra sauce, no cheese.

I then topped my pizza with some nutritional yeast... YUM!!!

And then tried to add a little "healthy" with a side salad.

So, there was nothing new but it was ALL so good!!  Well, maybe not the singing.  Seriously, we are completely tone deaf.  :(

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