Saturday, September 22, 2012

School Lunch Wrap Up Wk6

Here's this weeks lunch wrap up.  Click below to see the previous weeks.

MONDAY:  Homemade bread with cream cheese & raisins, strawberries & mango, cucumber, squash (see below) with a bit of ricemallow.
- everything was eaten at school although she told me the squash spilled. :)

Tuesday:  Yogurt with strawberries, a small cup of granola, left over pasta with eggplant lasagna and cheese
- yogurt and granola was eaten, some of the pasta was eaten but not a lot.  I have to agree the left over eggplant wasn't very good. :(

Wednesday:  Sliced mini sweet peppers, strawberries, chocolate & PB2 Oatmeal in a thermos to keep warm.
- She ate it all.

Thursday:  Sliced mini sweet peppers, strawberries, left over chicken quesadilla from Moe's the night before, the cookie from her Moe's kid's meal.
- Once again, she ate it all. :)

Friday:  Teacher Retreat... no school = no lunch
We spent the morning & early afternoon at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  For lunch we had the potato & corn chowder. :)

As part of our Green Bean Delivery we got 4 Delicata Squash.  I'd never bought these before so I wasn't sure how to go about peeling them.  Turns out you don't have to peel this squash!  Where has it been all my life?!?  Plus it's small, like personal sized. :)

I cooked it the way I usually do, minus the peeling.  Cut it in half and scoop out the seeds.

Slice into a bunch of half moons and roast at 450 for about 20 minutes then flip them.

Take it out when both sides are nice and golden.

My new favorite squash (not counting pumpkin, of course!)

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