Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finally got my Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt!

Lunch yesterday was my favorite soup... Black Beans + Tomatoes + spices blended and heated then topped with some salsa and nutritional yeast.  :D

And as a side, some chips.  This time I was smart and put some in a bowl rather than bringing the entire bag out and proceeding to eat it all. 

Dinner was Moe's.  The hubs was running late and offered to just pick us up on his way home rather than me cook.  Score!

I have to say that this was not the best experience.  They had run out of onion & bell pepper so they had to make some more which meant that they weren't cooked all the way.  Plus the guy was just skimpy on the toppings - boo!

I got what I always get: Ruprict with black beans, rice, onions, bells, pico, corn salsa, lettuce and cucumber. And then some more salsas added for good measure.
Old pic - same meal

Once dinner was done we headed to Speedway:

Do you see that?

They FINALLY have the PUMPKIN yogurt. SO GOOD!!  I've been waiting TWO weeks for it to arrive.

I topped my pumpkin with blue berries, some chocolate chips and a cherry.  Kai mixed Pumpkin with Peanut Butter and Strawberry and topped hers with cherrys, strawberries, vanilla oreo-like cookie and some sprinkles.  The Hubs opted for Hot Carmel Apple Cider to drink.  It's been more than ten years and I still don't get him...How can you choose ANYTHING over pumpkin frozen yogurt?!?  His response, "Well, it's not pumpkin ice cream".  No it's not, it's better!!!

After we got home I finished making Kai's Halloween costume (Princess Aurora) and got caught up on a lot of work.  All in all, it was a good day!  

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