Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheesecaked Pancake & Muffins

So this really has nothing to do with anything, but don't you hate it when it's your friend's birthday and so you go on Facebook and write on their wall "Happy Birthday!!! :)"  and then another friend goes in right after you and writes "Happy Birthday!!!!" <---  adding one more "!" than you did.  As if they're MORE excited that it's your friend's birthday.  I mean seriously.  I was WAY happier about the fact that she was born and a part of my life than that other friend!

So let's see them one-up this:  HAPPY DAY-AFTER-YOUR-BIRTHDAY JANET!!!!!!!!!

(I am kidding about the whole "!" thing.  Feel free to go completely nuts with the exclamation marks - a little excitement never hurt anyone...well, assuming your heart/blood pressure/health is ok.  I don't want to be blamed for any heart attacks brought on by too much excitement)

By a strange coincidence we had pancakes for breakfast yesterday!  I guess I was subconsciously celebrating right from the start. :)

Actually Kai woke up early and wanted pancakes... So maybe she was the one subconsciously celebrating.  It's always someone's birthday, right?

Anyway, I tried something new this time:

2 handfuls of oats - about 3/4 C?
Some Apple Sauce - maybe 1/4 C?
An Egg
Approx. 1 T of Ground Flax Seed (bonus nutrition!)


Poured into 2 patties on a hot griddle

Flipped when set

Then for the topping I mixed 2 large spoonfuls of cottage cheese with a small spoonful of Ricemellow and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  **I would think Maple Syrup or Honey would make a good Ricemellow substitute.

Blend again.

 Serve with some natural coloring sprinkles and banana...

I must say the pancakes we delicious!  It took about 20 minutes from start to finish to make, which was only doable because Kai we woke up early.  The topping was the best.  It was like a Cheese Cake Frosting!!

After getting Kai to school I set about sanding and mudding some drywall.  It was all good until I walked by a mirror...

It's really hard to see in the picture but my hair was white! I had a mask on to keep the dust out of my lungs. Apparently I need to wear a hat too.  Nothing a quick shower couldn't fix. :)

Then I got to experimenting with a new recipe!!  I found this recipe for Morning Glory Muffins on Carrot & Cake and decided it would be a perfect way to use up some carrot. :)

My changes, based on what I had at home, were that I:
-used sweetened coconut instead of unsweetened
-used Pecans instead of walnuts
-reduced the amount of honey to about 1-2 T (since the coconut was sweetened)
-used 1 whole carrot so it was closer to 1/4-1/2 C of carrot
-used Garbanzo Bean Flour instead of Almond
- made 24 mini-muffins instead of 6 large

They wound up being the perfect treat for me to "pitch-in" for our neighborhood meeting. :)

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