Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EVERYTHING I ate Tuesday...

Yesterday I drove up to work in our office so breakfast was a quick smoothie.  It was one of my favorite smoothies...although to be fair they're all my favorite smoothies. :)

BUT this one consisted of steel cut oats, almond milk, ice, chia seeds, 1/2 a frozen banana, PB2 (peanut butter powder), carob powder (cocoa) and of course, spinach....

As the day wore on it was much easier to fit take out into the schedule rather than actually going out to eat.  Sometimes that's the way the work day goes.  So we decided to get Chinese:  I had Mixed Veggie with Fried Rice (I ordered white, but you gets what you gets) and Egg Drop Soup.  It was their lunch special, only $5!  To be honest it tasted like a $5 meal... Not the best I've ever had but there was a VERY nice assortment of veggies in it. :)

And of course lunch was rounded out with a fortune cookie!
A window of opportunity won't open itself.
 Is it just me or have fortunes become more "wisdoms" than fortunes?  Maybe I just misunderstand what a fortune is.  Hummm

Anyway, I left work at 5 and then sat on a bridge for about 15 minutes!!

Nice view, huh?  Well sure, unless you have an irrational fear of being on a bridge during an earthquake.  I don't know why I fear it but I don't like stopping on or under bridges.  To the point where I've freaked out before!  I managed to hold it together by focusing on this....
Not nearly as nice a view but hey, no one's ever been crushed by an orange cone before.  :)

By the time I got home everyone had already eaten so I decided to just whip up something quick.  Then Kai reminded me that she wanted to take soup for lunch.  Last week I bought her a Barbie Thermos on clearance for lunch soups during the winter.  Of course she's wanted to break it in ever since!

Soup it was...

Onion, celery and half a spoon of coconut oil all sauteed for a few minutes....

 Plus tomato and Veggie Broth simmered until the veggies are softened....

Then I used the immersion blender to smooth the veggies up a bit (these are the veggies Kai tends to turn her nose up to so I puree them so they're a bit more "hidden" - sneaky mom moment)

Then I chopped up some Broccolette, a Carrot and a potato (not pictured obviously)

And added them along with a couple of handfuls of Lentils....

And then I put the lid on, turned it down to simmer and let it cook for about 45 minutes.  (yeah, my quick meal turned into a late night dinner, lol!)

Then I topped my bowl with some nutritional yeast. :)

After Kai went to bed the Hubs and I decided to watch an episode of Dr. Who.  We're 6 episodes in and so far I've found it entertaining but goofy.  I don't get the obsession with it yet.  BUT it's all the "Geek" boards talk about on Pinterest and I want to get the jokes so I'm committed to watching it!  

While we watched I ate a bowlful of popcorn topped with nutritional yeast, raisins and sunflower seeds.  Oh, and a couple spoonfuls of Almond Butter.

And that, ladies and gentlemen was everything I ate yesterday.  :)

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