Saturday, September 8, 2012

School Lunch Wrap Up Wk4

Here's this weeks lunch wrap up.  Click below to see the previous weeks.

MONDAY:  Labor Day, no school means no packed lunch.

TUESDAY:  Cheese Stick, Left over lemon cake from Labor Day at Granny's house, Cinnamon & Raisin Unsweetened Apple Sauce, Left over chicken from Labor Day at Granny's house with Sliced Mini Sweet Pepper.  
- She ate everything but the cheese stick.

WEDNESDAY:  Left over homemade garlic bread stick from last Friday when I made pizza (I didn't post about it - sorry), Soup in her new thermos, and a banana.  
- I was told she ate everything and a little bit of the soup but I can't confirm that.  There was a bag mix-up when I picked up Kai so she brought home her friend's lunch bag (Her friend at everything but about an eigth of her hamburger and 3 strawberries, lol!).

THURSDAY:  Left over Pizza with a side of raspberries and sliced almonds.  
- She ate everything but the almonds, which she finished in the car after a bit of negotiating.

FRIDAY:  Some Pumpkin Dip, Veggies - Brocoletti and green pepper, PB2 & Jelly Sandwich on some of Grammy's bread (Grammy makes bread to keep busy and is always giving it away!) and the bag that came with her Kid's Meal at McAlister's the night before.  
- She ate EVERYTHING - veggies and all.  And when she got in the car and told me she ate everything she asked if we could go get Frozen Yogurt.  Oops!  We agreed that Frozen Yogurt will be a special treat, but I made her a "soft serve banana" when we got home as a compromise (frozen banana blended until smooth like soft serve)

As you can see this week's been all about left overs!

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