Monday, May 7, 2012

Avengers & a Wedding...weekend review

What a fun weekend!  All along I kept thinking I need to sit down and post some of this but I never did.  :(

It all started on Friday with some hot oatmeal...topped with bananas and raisins.

Friday was Field Day at school so Kai got her first taste of a full day.  She was SO EXCITED!  She even got to take a lunch box. :)  My lunch on the other hand was more of a "clean out the fridge" concoction. 

Literally.  I just took all the 1/2 full containers of veggie left overs, the last slice of gouda cheese and some nutritional yeast and piled them on the last of my spinach.

 Then I mixed the last of the Salsa with the broken / crumb chips from the bottom of the bag...

Yep, I was definitely planning a grocery trip soon!

Finally evening came and the Hubs, our friend Tom and I headed out for a quick bite to eat then to see the Avengers....
Welcome to Moes!

When we tried 2 theaters and they were BOTH sold out we knew this movie was going to be HUGE.  We see a fair share of movies and this is the first time I've actually not been able to buy tickets!  In the end my dad helped us out by coming over to our house to babysit so we could see the movie at 11...and we bought our tickets off Fandango so we'd be sure to actually have them!  Kai was asleep and didn't even know Grandpa had come over!  We got home around 1:30-ish.  I have to say, that's a late night for me!!  Granted I'll often stay up and watch TV but most of the time I'm in bed by 11. :)

I had 3 pet peeves during the movie...

1.  DO NOT TAKE A BABY TO A MOVIE.  Get a babysitter.  The movie started at 11 pm.  I have no problem with taking kids to a kid's movie at a reasonable hour but seriously people!  A the middle of the movie?

2.  If you cannot hold your bladder for 2.5 hours then DO NOT SIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE.  I mean come on people!

3.  Don't kill off people I like.  OK, I know it "Furthers the story", or whatever, but I sat through the whole movie waiting for it to turn out that everyone was really ok.  :(

Anyway, other than that I LOVED the movie.  The Hulk really is one of the best parts, and that's coming from someone who found the Hulk movies the least interesting of the bunch!  If you haven't seen it yet, you're probably in the minority because, like I said, EVERYONE was seeing it!

So that was Friday!

Saturday was just as fun since there was a wedding to go to! 

There was a break between the ceremony and the reception so we headed back to our place (which was very close) to watch the end of the Pacer Game.  The won in over time!  :D

After the game ended we headed to Fountain Square, where the reception was taking place, but we were still early so we ducked into a little bar and decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo...

A fun theme!

Christina had a traditional Margarita

While I went with Raspberry!
And the boys got Beer (they were so excited to have their pics taken!)
I have to say, I'm not much of a drinker to begin with and that margarita was a lot stronger than it tasted!  Fortunately we had some chips and queso and a bit of sitting time before I had to walk to the theater. lol!

Speaking of the theater...check out the Marque!  So cute.

 And right next door is Shag... where my cousin beautifies people!
Go figure!
Oh, and speaking of beautifying...I've been thinking of getting my hair cut...
How do you think I'd look with an Ashley-Simpson-like short cut???
And the posters outside were also in honor of the bride & groom!

 At the reception we mingled with other Alumni (we all first met in High School), had dinner, watched them cut the cake, and then my favorite part...we danced!  The groom's part of a band and I have to say they were pretty darn good!  I probably could have danced all night!  Even the Hubs was up dancing with me!!

A beautiful bride!! :)

Sunday we got up, and on our way to pick up Kai (who spent the night at Nana & Papa's) stopped for breakfast at Qdoba.  I had a scrambled egg & potato Quesadilla with Pico on it.  I have to say, it was mighty good.  The Hubs had a breakfast burrito of some sort. :)

Then it was yard work time!  I got some flowers planted and weeds pulled while the Hubs mowed and trimmed.  It was a FULL day and both of us came out of it with some red on our backs.  :(  But the yard's looking nice again! :)

Dinner was grilled asparagus, corn on the cob, eggplant and a steak.  The Hubs actually wanted a pork chop and that's what I thought I was defrosting but he informed me it was a steak.  Oops!  It all just looks like raw meet to me. lol!

My plate included the last of the cole slaw too.  But doesn't it look pretty.  I've heard that you eat with your eyes first...I think it's fair to say my eyes were full. :)

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  1. What an amazing wedding reception idea!

    And, as always, your eats look delish!