Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's been a while. :)

Today we had tickets to the Pacers' play off game against the Heat!

I put on my new jersey and we headed out.  This was me before the game...
 Unfortunately we lost so I'm not quite as happy now.  The good news is that after a win in Miami on Tuesday they'll be back in Indy on Thursday and THAT means they can wrap the whole thing up at home!  Wouldn't that be exciting!?!

For eats we have to go all the way back to Thursday!!  Wow, I know I'm not posting nearly as often as I used to but hey, sometimes life gets in the way. :)

Thursday we had Tuna Salad Wraps....

I was actually babysitting my nieces so wraps seemed like the best dish to make.  It's easily customizable for each person...just include what the individual likes. :)  Our options included the tuna salad, spring mix greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and nutritional yeast.

 After giving the girls their wraps they proceeded to unwrap them and eat them piece by piece!

 To each the own I guess.  After the wraps we all sat down to some banana soft serve (blended frozen banana) topped with freshly picked Mulberries.  We have a couple Mulberry trees growing along the property line between us and our neighbor so once they get nice and ripe I/we can go out and pick to our heart's content. :D

Dinner that night included turkey burgers grilled by the Hubs and Tator-Tots found in the freezer.  They may not be the cleanest food but there's no denying that they're tasty. lol!

We also had snap peas that I added to a pot of boiling water for about an minute and then drained in cold water.  I then drizzled them with lemon juice and olive oil. :)
 The girls LOVED opening the snap peas and "discovering" the peas inside. 

I also made a very nice salad.  A VERY very nice salad!

A head of Romaine Lettuce, some toasted pecans, and fresh raspberrys with a drizzle of dressing made of balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil, nutritional yeast and honey. :)

For breakfast the next day we had eggs in a basket.  That would be bread that's cookie-cuttered and then cooked on a skillet with an egg dropped in the middle. 

See - Yummy and fun enough to insure kids will eat it. :)  The cut out piece was jellied up too.

After getting the heart cookie cutter out Kai found our bunny cutter so that's what she wanted for lunch.  Some sort of a Rabbit sandwich.

I cut out 2 rabbit heads and put jelly & chia seeds on one side and Greek Yogurt (practically yogurt cheese since I drained it so long last time) on the other. 

Some Raisins gave the rabbit eyes and a nose and some string cheese gave him whiskers.  Plus she had more mulberries. :D

I had a stewy concoction that I'll give a recipe for tomorrow.  It was Delish!!

Dinner was served at my parents house.  They just replaced their arbor on their deck so they were showing it off to my sister and I. :)

As it turned out they served my favorite foods!!!

Black Bean Burgers on spinach with onion & tomato, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and asparagus.

Plus my dad and I (and really it was mostly I) ate an ENTIRE watermelon.  I though it was just half of it, but no, we I ate the WHOLE thing!!  And quite simply, there are no regrets.  Watermelon is SO GOOD.  I could eat an entire melon every day and not get sick of it!! 

Saturday was a blur of activity and I didn't take any pics!  Dinner was delivered pizza but like I said, no pic. I went with my favorite toppings:  Veggie with no olive, added tomato, extra sauce and no cheese.  Then I top it with nutritional yeast. :)

Today's breakfast was a smoothie of:  Oatmeal, Frozen banana, Almond Milk, Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Cinnamon, Frozen Cranberries, Blackstrap Molasses and a drizzle of Maple Syrup.  Plus some Coconut Whip on top.  I LOVED it!!

Lunch was enjoyed pre-game at Kilroys which is near Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home of the Pacers.  There were 3 of us (me, the Hubs and our friend Tom).  We started with large soft pretzels.

  Then for my meal I got The Grover (burger + blue cheese + caramelized onions) with a portabella burger and a side of onion rings.  Those were some SERIOUS onion rings!!  I did not come anywhere close to finishing them and since I'd already eaten my fair share of pretzel I only ate about a quarter of the bun.  One of my goals is to not eat stuff just because it's there so if the bun doesn't add to the meal I don't eat it.  Sometimes it's too good not to eat.  In this case it just tasted like blan bread so I left it off.  BUT the burger was AWESOME.  I would so order it again...with a different side.  A more manageable side. lol!

And that sums up the last few days of eats!  Now, hopefully, you're all cheering with me for a Pacers' win on Tuesday!  I'd REALLY like to wrap this series up with a Golden Win at home on Thursday. :D

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