Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Drops

The Hubs has been working crazy hours again and so sit down meals have almost disappeared.  Kai and I tend to snack, or picnic on the floor, or do what ever it is we do where we fill our bellies but I miss taking pictures. :)

So once again I'm sharing with you a snack.  But this is a perfect snack for those hot summer days.  Hot summer days spent sitting out listening to cars drive in an oval.  

Yep, it's the Indy 500.  We don't go to the race but live close enough to hear the cars.  So every Memorial weekend we crank up the radio and listen to the race as we, well, listen to the race. :)

Frozen Yogurt Drops
2-3 T Honey (I used Apple Cinnamon flavored)
1 baggie
Cookie Sheets lined with parchment paper

I used my homemade yogurt and some flavored Spun Honey we got when we went to the Honey Farm. :)

Put the yogurt & honey in a ziplock bag and mix it together until it's well blended. (Make sure you lock the baggie so you don't make a mess!)

Once it's blended cut the tip off one bottom corner of the bag so you can use it like a pastry bag.

Grab your cookie sheet, lined with parchment paper (so once they're frozen they're easy to remove).

Then just drop away.  I wound up having to pull out a second sheet it made so many drops!

Then just pop it into your freezer for an hour or so.  Once they're frozen put in a freezer bag and then enjoy on those hot summer days.  Kai LOVES them...she thinks they're yogurt "chocolate chips".  :D

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